getting a dairy goat what is needed first?

Discussion in 'Dairy Diaries' started by nightshade, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Mar 27, 2008
    Okay so we are planning on getting a dairy goat for milking for our family this summer. Once we get the addition on our small barn. We currently have a nubian cross billy as a pet, but we are not sure what all we need for a milking doe. So enlighten me. What would be best for us to get around before we get our milking doe? What all is needed for the milking process that we can buy ahead of time?

    Should she be kept in a stall or pen by herself or can she be with other goats? I am sure we will be buying a few more pets ones this summer possibly even a second milking doe for while the first is dry if we find we do like the milk. We are currently planning to build a 8x8 pen for our goats in the barn addition. They will have pasture time and not be "locked up" their enture existence lol. Baily, our billy acts like a dog following us around the yard as I do chores ect. It could be split into 2 4x8 sleeping pens if the milking doe needs seperated. Any tips, info ect. will be greatly appreciated. :)
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    you asked some very good questions and I will do my best to help answer.

    Yes you can keep the doe in with your wether. THere will be some butting and "herd" type behavior until they settle things out on who is on top.

    You will want a milking stand. I purchased mine from someone down in AR and they are shipping it to me. I found it on ebay - they make and sell them on ebay. But you can make yours out of wood. Check the barnyard threads for some pictures of some stands people have made.

    A good stainless steel pot/bucket is best for milking into. We used a kitchen pot, we dubed it the "milking pot" hehe.

    some people like to really wash the udder before milking and then use something called "fight back" to seal up the teats again. I never used it. Baby wipes work good to clean the udder and prepare it for milking.

    I like to purchase my supplies from or or

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    Hi and Welcome!!
    Stacey pretty much covered your questions. I f you can't acquire a milk stand, which is a back saver and will keep the doe in one spot, you can tie her to the stall post with a feed pan in front of her and proceed to milk. Hopefully you are getting a doe that has been milked before but if not, you and she will learn as you go! I use a plastic pail to milk into and store my days milk in stainless in the fridge til I can skim it and bottle it. Baby wipes work great! So does a few paper towels soaked in a mild anti bacterial soap solution....I use a washcloth and a buket of warm soapy water and dry them well before I start though.

    She can be kept with the rest of the goats, though I hope your "billy" goat is neutered, if not then he can't be running wiuth her or any other does you get , between the breeding and general bucky smell, your milk will taste goaty....not a good flavor to have in milk!
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    If she has a wether friend with her she should be ok. You should never pen a goat by itself, they tend to get lonely and aggressive.

    A good milk bucket(I prefer buckets over pots) is essential, as well as a stainless steel strainer, and glass jars to cool and store milk in. I use a teat spray called Fight Bac to prevent bacteria from getting into the udder and causing mastitis. I've found that does I don't use it on got stringy flaky milk more often than the does I did use it on(I experimented)