Getting excited about kid reservations!!!

Discussion in 'Dairy Diaries' started by Dover Farms, Mar 11, 2009.

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    :wahoo: :leap: :cool: :leap: :cool: :leap: :wahoo:

    Just a month away and my 1st choice doe is due! :leap: I hope she has two girls...the breeder wants one, too, I think. I actually asked about getting the doe instead of a kid from her, but yeah...Nicole's not going to let her go! Haha...I don't blame her. :greengrin: Here's the pedigree to my (hopefully) future kid:

    SS: Kastdemur's Audacious
    Sire: Kastdemur's Mojito
    SD: Kastdemur's Misha

    DS: LakeShore Ace Roulette
    Dam: Quarter Mile Mulieke's Maylin
    DD: Quarter Mile Minnie's Mulieke

    Mom's 1st choice doe is due 4/24...and the breeder isn't quite sure if she is Mom may go with something else. Her kid would be out of the same buck as mine, but the doe's ped is this:

    DS: Copper-Hill Golden Legacy
    Dam: Quarter Mile Mellon's Mable
    DD: Prairie-Patch Mellon

    Here is the other kid that she might go with:

    SS: Kastdemur's Freelance
    Sire: Quarter Mile Maverick
    SD: Quarter Mile Minnie's Mulieke

    DS: LakeShore-Farms JJ Limosine
    Dam: LakeShore-Farms Lady Jubilee
    DD: LakeShore-Farms Foxy Lady

    Now that kid is already born. Actually there are 3 doe kids..out of quads, but the buck was stillborn.

    Oh and one more possibility..when I asked Nicole about milkers. She said she will probably sell Lilu(Rebel's dam) if she gets a doe kid out of her. We may try working something out with Nicole to get her...she only needs one more leg to finish.

    :stars: I AM SO EXCITED!!!! :stars:
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    YYAH!!! Exciting!!! :clap: :stars:

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    Oct 16, 2007
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    Woo hoo!! That's exciting!! Excited here too, as my reserved doeling from Lakeshore should be born any day now!!