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    Jan 31, 2010
    i've been thinking on ways to get people near me into pack/harness goats. or into goats at all. so here's what i've got so far:
    *the trail- it's a paved walkway stretching from one town, through another, and ending in another. i think it's about 20 some miles long. (i biked the whole thing once, years ago, with a friend when we got bored and we both thought we were gonna die since we started at one end, biked to the end, and had to bike all the way back :doh: ) put up/pass out info papers.
    *4th of july- in town they have fireworks and some little stuff in the park. one thing being a pet show. last year took my 2 girls and got 1 and 3 in "goats"... there was only one other goat. put up info papers.
    *street fair- town has a fall festival fair thing in the road for 3 days. put up info papers.
    *library, two stores, laundromat, around town- put up info papers.
    what should i put on info papers? some facts about goats & packing, websites to visit...?
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    Maybe see... if the schools would pass out flyers for would really have an interest in the goats... which the parents have to get involved... maybe see if... you can show and tell .... maybe? :wink:

    Craigslist Ad...

    Yes... put info on goats and packing...good informative websites....

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    I do a free "goat keeping class" each spring. It's a great way for people to come see basic care, ask questions & of couse fall in love with those adorable goat kids bouncing around :) The class gets listed in our local community education newsletter.
    Also, if you have any animal swaps in your area..I never bring my goats there but I always make up a poster & hand out business cards with my phone number & website address.
    Craigslist is always great or talk to your local 4-H leader & ask if you can host a class.
    Parades are excellent & county fairs--even if you don't enter the county fair--they usually have a bulletin board that you can post info. Other places that may have bulletin boards that you could post info are feed stores, grocery stores, farm supply stores.
    Maybe you could even set up a hiking trip where others could join you & you could teach them basics about supplies needed or something.
    I've done presentations in front of school groups also.