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getting out on the ice and snow

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It can get pretty cold in Central Texas...but snow is not a annual event...I finally got a few of my girls to come out and play...for a short while any way...:snowcheese: Sorry they are sideways..I dont know how to fix that :tears:


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They are cute! Can't say that I blame them! Lol
BRRR! Whats the temp down there Cathy?
Nice looking goaties!
we had below 18!!..yesterday it stayed in the 40's//today will be 34 if we are lucky lol..but we will have a heat wave this week running up to 55 degrees lol
They are funny when they first discover snow. :laugh:

I hated letting my girls out the last several days. it has been -15. Yes the barn is not a lot better but there is a lot of straw and bedding for them.

My girls LOVE the snow. They jump around and play like crazy. Jump, kick and just have a ball.
-15 YIKES>...I guess our little 18-55 degrees seems like summer to you lol
Awww so cute, I drove by some babydoll sheep(they looked like cottonballs on feet) the other day.... makes me wish our goaties had more... hair...
It has been around 18 in the am, going up to a balmy 25 later in the day.
Cathy I noticed some of yours have puffy faces, that's the cold isn't it?
Oh yes...Its the cold...they are all puffed out lol...look like fur balls...cheeks and all...:snowhat:
they're so cute!!! it's funny goats puff up their cheeks when it's cold.....
Nice pics and Brrrrrr. :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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