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Give a goat to a needy family

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Here is an interesting concept. This organization is fighting hunger by donating farm animals to impoverished families instead of food. A simple idea that seems to make a lot of sense. Kind of like the old saying; Give a person a fish and feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime.
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We love doing these kinds of donations. Needless to say, we spend more on goats than we do on other types of animals. ;)
This type of gift is great! I was on the recieving end of someone buying me a goat for my wedding. The card came in the mail and the goat went to an area where cattle and other producing animals couldn't live due to weather severity or poor food sources. Other options you can get are things like "a can of worms" or a "handful of seeds. I have attached the link to the site where my goat came from. I have since used this site to send out of the ordinary corpoate gifts, and to a few of my friends with a sence of something more deserving and purposful.
You really should check out what the gifts can be( on the right side of the page) and the pics that show up on the cards, they are really clever and cute.
Also there is a video about what the "goat program" is. ... =holiday09
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