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I think there was a thread like this already. But my goals this year where:
-Disease test the herd again

-Attend multiple shows
-Have a good kidding season

-Find another Platinum Wether to join my string

-Get 2 more points on my Platinum Wether Gil

- Attend Nationals with Gil (or my other 2).

We had a great kidding season, only 2 does bred. Had a set of Triplets from a FF, all doing great with no supplementation for the babies. Ended up 2 does and a buck. The other doe had twins, 2 does both polled!
Just disease tested the herd, all are NEGATIVE for CAE, CL and Johnes!!!
We were going to retain the buckling as a potential buck prospect. But upon further inspection, he has a split in his scrotum so he will now be my new Platinum Wether.
Show season starts in May for my herd. We start May 10th and have shows the weekends of May 17th and 31st as well!! We also will be attending a show June 14th!!

What are your goals for 2019???

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