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Here On Oaks-n-Goats Farm We Are Raising Pets, And Mini/Full Sized Backyard Milkers.
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For anyone who has posted. Im sorry i have not done yalls art yet but im working on it! Ive been really busy with a LOT of stuff so bear with me!

I have always loved to do art. So I'm starting to make art of all my goaties. So why not try to draw yalls goats? LOL i really just need something to do so if you want you can post A pic of one of your goats and ill try to re-do the same pic but a drawing of it! also i will put your Farm name / logo if you want! (Is this ok for me to do? is it allowed on here? It will be free if so. and if this is not the right listing please move my thread! ) (Note It may take me a few days to get everybody's art done because of my goat about to kid)

Here is some of MY Art with MY logo to OUR farm!

1 - 20 of 48 Posts