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so far I havent' made any money with my goats. But with my parents they know it makes me happy and it is a big hobby of mine. So they let me continue it.

I decided to move away from the standard dairy goats to try my hand at breeding for pet goats. IT has been a good switch and I enjoy it so much.

I have 3 unregistered pygmies and 2 unregistered Nigerian Dwarfs and 1 registered Nigerian Dwarf. oh and my mutt Jasper - just because.

In my area the mini goats sell very well and I have no problem selling them for the prices I want. The sale of the kids last year paid for the hay they need for the winter. So that way it works out nicely for me.

I am going to try my hand again at the dairy end with milking my nigerians. We first got goats for their milk and we used goats milk exclusively for years. it is very rich and creamy - though I dislike the taste. :shrug: I am going to give it a second chance though and try some new things to see if the way I was handling the milk after I miked was the issue.

So if you get dairy goats with the price of milk these days that is a great option for saving money. A large dairy goat can produce a gallon a day. You can learn to make cheese - I LOVED doing that - and use it for making icecream etc.
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