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Well it depends on what kind of goats you get. If you get a few dairy goats you can have yummy milk for yourself, its easier to digest then cow milk and very healthy for you. You can also make soap from that milk. Thats what im aiming to do this year. Soap sells for for or five dollars a bar, that said you can also make liquid soap laundry detergent, lotions and so much more. If you worked to got your dairy license (big goal but i know several doing it) you can sell milk and cheese. You can attend local farmers markets. I know one lady, she has an awsome set up where she has a small store in her barn where she sells her cheese. She also said that she would market my soap. You can also try your local feed stores. At my work (farm and feed store) We market honey for a local bee keeper. And my manager said we could sell my soap as well. We also sell eggs for people.
Even if you dont want to eat goats, you can market meat goats. Get yourself a boer or fainting or kiko buck, and cross them with a few dairy or percentage meat does. You can sell whethered kids to others ofor meat. Yes its a sad exsistance but face it people eat goats. And i would much rather see my little boys go home with someone that is going to eat them, then someone who hasnt a clue and just wants a cute pet. Someone who wants a pet most of the time doesnt have a clue on care and the goat ends up suffering for that. I have seen goats tied to a dog house with over grown feet skinny and just miserableecause people wanted a brush eater.
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