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You can make money on your goats-but pretty much most of that will go back into feed and other supplies for them. So, they can at least pay for themselves. I started with the minis-and enjoyed them for the few years I had them-but now i'm raising only Standard sized LaManchas( once the minis leave here in just a couple of days) and so far I really like them. That and I think around this area I can sell them easier than the mini goats. We are currently drinking milk from our Jersey cow, but once we sell her we'll be drinking goats milk. Although we aren't going to tell my neices-as they seem to be picky about anything that does not come from the store. We will also be making cheese with it-although since most of us in this house are dieting we haven't been eating the cheese as much lately. We have raised a wether or two and put them in the freezer. Goat meat is pretty tasty and healthy to. Oh and you can use goat manure for your flower beds/gardens to:).
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