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All right, I'm admittedly very fond (understatement) of goats and plan to have some of my own as soon as we move to a more rural area, hopefully next year. We've always had lots of pets (cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.). I don't have to see any monetary or material uses for my animals, because their company has always been enough. :love:

That said, my husband is not 100% sold (big understatement) on goats. He's okay with my getting chickens because they produce eggs and he can eat them (both the chickens and the eggs), but goats seem less useful. None of us have any desire to eat the goats, so that's out as a reason.

Anybody here have any good arguments in favor of goats that they have successfully presented to their spouses, parents, significant others?

On a materialistic note, is there any money that can be made with goats? :scratch:

Disclaimer: I still plan to get goats, whether they offer anything other than their companionship. They're just so darned charming! :love:

Thanks in advance for any wisdom anyone has to offer. :thankU:
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