Goat calanders! Please read!

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  1. I am posting this for a friend. She is joining or has but has not been able to post this yet. So I told her I would post it for her. She is working on learning our form and facebook. :wink: :laugh:

    We have beautiful goat calendars available as a fundraiser for the Valley of the Sun Fainting Goat Show in Ramona, CA in October 2010. The "Nature's Special Gift - the Fainting Goat" calendar does not consist of pictures of "fainted" goats, but wonderfully colorful pictures of Myotonic goats that were collected from a 2009 photo contest. Please visit http://www.ttt-ranch.com/goatshow to see this special 2010 goat calendar. The wall calendars are professionally printed by Staples, are 8 1/2 x 11, and spiral bound. Calendars are $15 plus shipping. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for more information. Please help us promote this unique breed of goat by purchasing a calendar!
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    PS. I know here the calanders for goats is hard to come by so I got one and am very happy. Thought it would be something others may have faced.

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    very nice... :thumbup: good luck on your sells... :greengrin:
  4. I AM SO HAPPY!!!

    I got my calander and they are so much nicer then I exspected. They are bound with the wire binding. The photos and ink for everything is so crystal clear and just stunning. Better then any goat calander I have seen yet. I recommend them to any goat lover! AND the funds goes to goats...hehe