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    Apr 19, 2010
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    Don't you just love those kinda days where everything seems to happen at once?
    The good the bad and the ugly? :laugh:

    So I let everyone out of the pen late this evening while I restocked hay in the back stall from our round bales <we have a corner blocked with a pallet that we fill up for a few days worth of hay at a time>. They were happy to help with the roll :wink:

    So then I tell my daughter to go ahead and bring them in and she could go inside, while I finish up. I take my last wheel barrow load of hay into the back stall, then retrieve 2 does I am stalling at night.
    Then I hear the whether baaing at me <he is a quiet goat>, so I knew something was up, I peek out and he's standing next to the fence by the barn...OUTSIDE OF THE PEN.
    My daughter overlooked him...

    So I block up the stall door with a pallet, and go to get him.

    Then I hear the awfullest bleating I've ever heard from a goat. It was coming from Sweetheart and it was an urgent cry...I was soooo scared that she had hurt herself...somehow?

    I turn the flashlight on and peek inside the back stall and she was standing there...with her front feet in the wheel barrow and just looking at me like
    "What mom?"
    Problem was.... she was stuck, couldn't get down or get up because of her big preggo belly! :laugh:
    Finally she was able to get her back legs up as I was coming in, but I had to help her get down! SILLY GIRL!!!! She's due in a little over 2 weeks, and is getting sooo wide for her frame...poor girl!

    SHould I leave out the part where she later knocked the pallet over hitting me in the outside of my left leg near my knee and now I have a nice lil welt and sore there?

    My herd queen came over and started rubbing all over me showing me how much she loves me, and I gave her lots of love back...

    That for me, made my night. I love my herd queen, even if she is a meannie to the others...she is a big sweetie to me, and my kids :)

    So...anyone else have a day or evening filled with goat drama? OMG...Sweetheart bleating like death was on her door made my heart skip a beat! BRAT!!! :laugh:
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    Sep 2, 2009
    :) Great story... love the end... because I know how it is your so grr with them, then they show the love, and all is good.

    The other day I noticed the fence was falling a bit on one of the goat pens so I go in and wire it up. As Im doing this another pen the wind had knocked a t post away from the gate post and the goats were all running out, 8 goats. So I go back and herd them back up again, only to find out in the eagerness to get them pack in I didnt do the last part of the other pen, and they had all gotten back out. I have this old pygmy that my husband rescued from the auction, and shes sooo hard to get back in the pen, smart as hec. So Im chasing around this pygmy for 20 minutes... but at the end of everything I sat in the pen with the goats and snuggled them. Gotta love goat drama, thanks for the story. We have goats with horns so I never seem to be able to keep the fence up and in working condition, good thing they know right where the hay is LOL

  3. VickiH

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    Sep 24, 2010
    :greengrin: I am trying to imagine her stuck like that.

    I had 2 goats kid at the same time yesterday. That was insanity. All is well now, but I'm exhausted :crazy:
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    HeHe....to bad you didn't get a pic...LOL :ROFL:
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    Apr 20, 2010
    I've go two good ones. One is about Moose the sheep and the other is about Ben and his LGD Grumpy. I'll post each under there own story heading in a minute.

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    Oct 4, 2010
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    Well we have to move our round bale away from the fence. I thought that two of the does had figured out that the one gate was low enough to jump, nope watched 'em tonight up on the bale and over the fence. I will love them later when I put them away.