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Goat experts needed

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Ok...has anyone ever heard or seen this happen...

My sis in law raises boer/kiko mixes. She had a mama deliver a single buckling fine, cleaned him off halfway and walk away. A couple hours later she saw her nursing someone else's babies. This same mama did abort the baby last year, so this was her first time actually having a kid that made it full term. Last year we believe she was too young and the buck got to her.

In all my years of raising goats I have never heard of this. (Doesn't mean much as there is plenty I still am learning)! She was planning on selling her, but now wonders if the doe knew something about the buckling that we didn't? Or if she was confused and didn't know what to do and saw other does letting them nurse and started doing it.
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Probably confused if this was her first time with a live kid.
I'm sure she's just confused. I'd put her and her kid in a stall together so that she can bond with him and learn how to be a mommy.
I had this happen when I had four does deliver kids within a half an hour and near each other, two were nursing the wrong kids. Got them all separated into their own stalls with there own kids and they figured it out.
Yes, I've seen that happen several times. Abandoning a kid/refusing to let a kid nurse is a culling factor in my herd unless there is a damned good reason for it. I understand that first timers are scared and confused, and I will work with them up to a point, but when that point is reached I pull the kid(s) and the mother is on the next trailer out of here.
She was planning on taking her to an auction to get rid of her, but now wonders if she will do better next time. I told her I had no idea. If she wanted to chance it keep her and if she didn't take her to auction.

I always get rid of any mama that won't take care of her kids. Unless like u said there is a good reason. I don't really care to bottle feed unless I have to and even then I am not happy about it.
She aborted last year? And she's not taking care of her baby this year? That's 2 years in a row of non production...cull her. I have one that aborted this year but raised beautiful twin does last year....for that reason alone she gets a second chance. But it also means I feed one for a full year with no production.
She was way too young to be bred in my opinion in the first place last year when she aborted
I would give her one more chance. Then if she isn't good next time, then send her to auction.

Sometimes it is hard to give advice because you don't know the care that goes into the animals. Like you mentioned that she was bred too young the first time. We also don't know if they are getting good nutrition and have proper levels of copper and selenium. We also don't know if they are living in overcrowded conditions. All of that is going to play into how these goats cope with pregnancy and kid care.
Well I guess I'll be the middle ground guy lol. What I would do if I was in your shoes is get momma and kid and place them away from the rest and see if I could get her to take the kid. But since she did abort the first time that's already a strike in my books so if she didn't take the kid by the time the sale comes around then she would be sent down. I believe in a second chance but to me being too young is not a excuse to me. I have had some opps with my doelings and they have been awesome moms.......that's just me but I also have too many good does to give more then a second chance to another goat.
What happened to the kid this year?
These aren't my goats so I couldn't tell you about their care or kind of food and all that is given. I know they aren't over crowded they have LOTS of acreage for the goats. ( I forget how many acres)

The kid that was abandoned is being bottle fed.
How long has it been? Best bet would have been to try and get her to take him to see if she was just confused.
With new and first time momma's, if there are a lot of goats around at kidding time can be confusing and they do lose insight on what just happened.
That is why, it is best, to immediately, after momma has finished kidding, to take her and kids to a bonding pen, for first colostrum, to teach her how to be a momma and then, after 3 days, when all is good, momma is feeding her babies, the kids are nursing well and strong, it is then time, to allow her out with the herd again.

If it has only been a short time, there is a chance that momma can be taught to be momma. When did she kid?

Did the kids get colostrum?
I just started the post to see if anyone had seen or heard of a mama leaving her own kid and couple hours later nursing other kids. Sis
In law asked if I had heard of this happened and I hadn't so I thought I would ask you guys.

These aren't my goats so I just don't have the answers to the questions you guys are asking :(
I explained why Does abandoned their kids above and yes, it has and does happen, that is when the breeder should watch and intervene when needed, to help prevent from total abandonment and not excepting her own kid or kids, which leads to bottle feeding. They need bonding time alone, very crucial.
I know :) I just didn't have the answers to all the questions. I will relay the info and she can take from it what she wants.

Thanks for the help everyone.

I have never had any doe do that. My does are separated when they are close to delivering!! So
I couldn't help her lol! You guys are awesome. I appreciate all the input.
Your welcome :)
I never had a doe leave her kids for another but I do have to watch two of my does because they will try and steal other kids. It makes it great if I need to put a extra kid on them :).
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