Goat eye all cloudy and watering. Need advice asap please. Question is after pictures

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Allison, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Allison

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    Just got done with the vet. She did have trauma to her eye a big scrape I guess she put a dye in it to check, not pink eye but we are still doing antibiotics SubQ and anti biotic eye ointment. Also banamine for pain.

    She gave me Bio Mycin200 instead of LA200. I guess it has a different carrier which doesn't have the sting that LA200 has. She pre put it in syringes for me but I'm wondering if I could put a few drops into the eye like LA200? I'm assuming so but I want to be sure.
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    If it is not punk eye and the vet did not specifically say to do it... i would not do it.
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    Eyes heal pretty quickly. In a few days, the scratch should be pretty much healed. Like Sfgwife said, don't put anything but what the vet said. The eye ointment is mainly soothing the eye, putting a thin layer of lubrication so blinking doesn't irritate and cause more pain. (Plus helping to prevent an infection) .

    You can order Biomycin from PBS or Jeffers. I always liked it better than LA 200.

    Watch her so she isn't using her hoof to try and itch her eye.

    Glad it isn't pink eye.
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    :goodjob: I am pleased to hear the vet got a chance to look at her eye. Your instincts about it being an injury were correct. The stain (dye) the vet used also has a numbing agent in it so the eye can be examined with a minimal amount of discomfort to the goat.

    Using the ophthalmic (eye) ointment as directed by the vet will be enough antibiotics to treat the eye. There is no need to put LA200 or Bio Mycin drops into her eye as well.

    Bio Mycin injections will not sting Mary Jane nearly as much as the LA200 injections would have.

  5. toth boer goats

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    Glad the vet seen her and now you know what is happening with the eye.

    Bio-Mycin200 is a good product for eye ailments. I am sure it is intended to put directly into the eye daily.

    If you are unclear of what to do, call your vet and ask they will instruct you.

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