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Goat feed still on the rise

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I spent just over $13.00 on one 50lb bag of sweet goat feed today!!! this is rediculous!

Last time I bought feed they were out of the goat feed so I bought horse feed. The goats never skipped a beat and ate it up - no soft stools from the sudden change either.

So I saved the tag and tonight was comparing the two.

The differences are
goat feed there is 30ppm of copper
horse feed it is only 20ppm of copper
goat feed protein is 16%
horse feed is 12% protein
in the goat feed the crude fiber is 8%
horse feed crude fiber is 22%

How much of a difference is this going to make for my goats do you think?

I have not seen any weight loss in the past month nor any coat conditions becoming bad in any way (of course it is only a month but they are growing their winter coat at this time).

I asked because the horse feed is like 7 or 8 dollars! It is called Select by Southern States. My sweet goat feed that I have been feeding for the whole entire time I have raised goats is also by southern states.

I hate to change a good thing - but the price is getting rediculous and unafordable!

if I do decided to go with the horse feed next time how much BOSS do you think I need to add to bring the protein levels up?

I feed fastrack so I know that is a large factor in my goats over all health :D
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calcium to phosphorous

goat feed
calcium 1.25%
phosphorus .40%

horse feed
calcium 1.40%
phosphorus 0.45%

so I think it is comporable.
goathappy said:
12% protien isn't that bad, I'd say topdress the feed with BOSS and you should be ok.
yah I was thinking that too.

I really like to have a 16% but now that I add BOSS I thought I could easily bring up the procentage.

And really my minis don't need that much grain. If I still had milking does I would be more concerned with a lot of this.

I just wanted to make sure before I rashly changed feeds - I don't do change well either.
I did think of that. I didn't see anything on the lable that said urea on it.

if someone knows if it goes by a different name that I can look for that would also be good
I have been extremely happy with the quality of feed from southern states so I think next time I will go with the horse feed - thanks guys for your oppions it really helped.
thankfully this year I have a good hay so as long as I can keep that up I will be good.

I always have the option of mixing the two kinds and that crossed my mind or going back to the goat feed if their condition goes down hill.

It is worth the experiment to see how they do.

I would never jepardize their health though so do know I will be monitering their condition closely just as I have this past month.
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