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    Sep 19, 2010
    Should I be feeding my goats differently? :whatgoat:

    Pen 1 is Ophelia, Sophie, and Frosty (2 possibly pregnant, one is a doeling)
    In the morning they each get a flake of alfalfa and then share a 1/2 cup of noble goat mixed with a 1/2 cup of BOSS. They also get free choice mineral as well as free choice hay. Should I eliminate the noble goat and use oats/corn? From what I am reading they don't need the noble goat.

    Pen 2 is Buster and Dexter my bucks (2 years and a buckling)
    In the morning they get a flake and a half of alfalfa each and share a 1/2 cup of noble goat, a 1/2 cup of BOSS, and then a 1/2 cup oats with 1/2 cup of corn.They also get the same grain ration in the evening as well as free choice mineral and hay. Should i eliminate noble goat as well from them and just give the corn/oats/BOSS? And just purchase some AC? Or should I be graining them?

    Pen 3 is Hannah, Jazzy, and Zoey (a 2 year old and then two doelings)
    In the morning they are recieving same grain ration as the bucks and are getting 1 flake of alfalfa each. They have free choice mineral and hay. Should they not have noble goat?

    They are outside during the day, however there isn't much out there for them to browse on right now.

    I have heard so many different ways of feeding goats. :? Reason I have fed them like this is the person I purchased some of my does from fed hers this way. I am kind of debating if I should switch to purina goat chow or just keep them on and oat/BOSS/corn ration and eliminate noble goat? I buy my grain at TSC and mix it myself. In the near future my goats will be fed seperate, but for now they are fed in groups. I guess my main goal is to just have HEALTHY goats. :thumb:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    yup everyone feeds differently.

    I feed grain only when the goats are pregnant or the bucks are in rutt (this time of year). Otherwise its just a token amount if at all for yearling does and bucks.

    Minerals with AC in it is good for bucks and does and I recomend you have that (either mix some in or purchase a mineral with it in it).

    Goats dont need much corn -- its not really good for them - oats are good and mine love the oats in my grain mix.

    young doelings should get grain food good growth. But once a year old and not pregnant then grain isnt as necessary for their growth.

    Remember hay is their main diet (or browse) and grain is a supplement. Loose minerals are important, leave out 24/7

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I agree with Stacey. Every goat owner feeds differently...go with what is best for YOUR goats and if they are doing well with what you are feeding then stick with it.
    Since I feed an alfalfa hay, my boys get the same 18% goat feed( Caprine Challenger by Blue Seal available at TSC) that I feed my kids, pregnany and lactating does. All get Manna Pro goat mineral that has ammonium chloride in it freechoice.
    I don't mass feed grain because there will always be 1 goat that gets more than their share, when I feed my 3 boys, I hand feed my pygmy buck his 1 1/2 cups, my nigi buck gets 1 cup in the bucket and my wether gets his 1/2 cup in the trough. When my preggy girls hit the 2 month mark they get 1 cup a day separately on the milkstand once they freshen they are given grain in their stalls til they hit 3 weeks, then it's on the stand and the kids get 1/2 cup to pick at, I have 2 hayburners that get grain as a treat on occassion.

    When pastures are lush and full I cut back on hay, I give 3 flakes to my 6 does in the am and 1 flake to my 3 boys, they have from 5 am to dark to be browsing, once pastures are done I give hay in the am and pm...(5 flakes)usually fill the large feeder for the does and the boys get 3 flakes a day separated between am and pm