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Goat Feet (Before & Afters)

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I have been meaning to do this thread for a bit.
Not sure if anyone remembers me mentioning that I did Free Goat Trims for people around my area whose goats needed a trim...

I do this usually for X-Mas each year, and am doing it again this year.
Although I have to admit that occasionally I get a wild hair up my tail, and offer Free trims during other times of the year as well...
(Apparently I have issues! Or so I was told!) LoL

Here are some photos from last year...

I am going to do some more before and afters this Xmas as well. :)

Please note: I am NOT an expert goat-foot trimmer. I do this out of the kindness of my heart, and to help the animals. I realize some of the trims might not be 100% perfect, but a lot of these animals have not been trimmed in so long, that their quick was simply too low in the hoof to continue trimming any further without severe bleeding...

I regret NOT taking photos of the worst goats feet I have ever trimmed.
That will bug me for the rest of my life I think... I can't believe I am going to say this, but in a way I hope to find another goat with feet as bad, just so I can document it next time!
I'm not sure if that makes me a terrible person! EEk!


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It looks like I should be taking a lot more off when I do mine, I'll have to take some pictures. Why couldn't you live closer? :)
Crap, I just realized, we need to trim our goats feet.... they're starting to look like the before in the last picture. Those are some REALLY nice hooves, Ash. The look very uniform and perfectly cut, good job!
Fantastic job! If you even come to WA, let me know! Do you trim hooves while they are standing, or flip them on their back, or both depending on the goat? Being new to goats this year, I didn't know there were several different methods for hoof trimming. I recently went to a Livestock Care Seminar, and the woman showing how to trim hooves flipped her goats onto their sides. She was one strong lady!!
wow! amazing hooves!!! mine definitely don't look like that after a trim....but i'm still scared i'll cut too deep...... keep up the great work! I bet those goaties love you for it (after you're done of course...i'm sure most are giving you the stink eye while you're trimming.....)
You're amazing! :lovey:
I trim my goats' hooves pretty much weekly b/c I'm so afraid of quicking it's just easier for me to take just a little off more often than trying to do a ton all at once but it's a huge PITA, like many, my goats don't make it easy so I wouldn't mind going for maybe once a month. I've been thinking of seeing if I can help out at a goat farm up the rd (the lady has a bunch of Alpines & makes soaps & stuff) so maybe I can see 1st hand..even get some hands-on w/someone who knows lol. These are my 1st goats & I know it's easier to keep hooves good than correct. I think I do pretty good but I'm not POSITIVE I take enough. I'll post pics next week when I do them again. I'm sure they're better than I think'd still be nice to know for sure lol.
Anyway..I'm sure all those guys were pretty thankful, some of those pics look just HORRIBLE to me!!
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Nice job, Abra! I have been trying to get the DH to help me all week with my boys I'm more determined to get him to do it! :)
What a wonderful service you are providing! :) You did a GREAT job with those hooves!
Great work and hats off to you for providing those goats with some much needed hoof trimming :)
Great job! That is so wonderful that you will do that.
Really, really nice job on those hooves! What a present to receive!!!! For the owners...but especially the goats!
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