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    Mar 3, 2011
    I am not real new to dairy goats, but I am new to getting into the genetics for show goats. I know the general breeding stuff, but want to know what to look for in possibly purchasing a new buck sometime soon. I was told by one friend that a buck will throw genetics similar to his dam, then was told by another friend, whom I purchased a buck through, that he was an udder buck, and would improve my does udders(well the offspring's udders). But, I looked into the genetics of the buck recently (have owned this buck 2 seasons now), and his dam's udder isn't too good. So, I guess I was just curious, when looking into another buck, should I look back through his dam's genetics or what I should do? By the way, my does intial does where pretty good conformationally, but can't do well showing in milk. My offspring so far have done pretty well showing, but haven't showed in milk yet, this will be our first year showing them. If there is anything else I should know about genetics, I would appreciate any comments.
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    Wish I could help..... but I have no clue about Dairy....hope someone comes along soon... to help you with your questions.... :thumb:

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    It is very important if you are looking to improve udders that the buck's dam has a nice udder. That is usually the first thing I look at when considering a new buck. You also want to look at the buck's sire's dam's udder (yes, that sounds confusing).

    The buck will effect a lot of the kids udders greatly so you'll want the best you can afford. :thumb: