Goat Gossip 71

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    Howdy everyone! Here is the latest Goat Gossip. I hope you enjoy it!


    Goat Gossip 71

    Where have you gone, John Wayne?

    I grew up in a much simpler time than a lot of the young folks today. Back when televisions were black and white, air conditioners were still nearly a new thing, and walking or riding our bikes to the store without an escort or even permission was still permitted. We watched Gunsmoke, Rawhide, and 12 O’clock High on TV and played Cowboys ‘n Indians and Superman outside in the heat and the cold. You know, out side of the house!
    Mama worked hard as a bookkeeper to provide what we needed as we were growing up, including a Catholic Parochial School education and everything we needed to get by. There wasn’t much extravagance and we got by at times wearing cut-offs and our tennis shoes till they were raggedy during the summer, but we lived a full, richly experienced childhood. We got by with what we had and just made do. Mama taught us right from wrong and we learned the hard way what the fruits of dishonesty brought a person.
    Integrity, honesty, and sticking to your word no matter the consequences were something that we had that didn’t cost anything, but were worth more than any amount of dollars could buy. Being called a no good, backsliding snake in the grass was fightin’ words, especially if it wasn’t true!
    All of these life’s experiences have made me the person that I am today. If I say I am going to do something I will do it, and even though it may cost me, that something will get done! If I make a commitment to accomplish a task then I won’t rest till it is finished. If I should owe someone money I feel uneasy until it gets paid in full.
    Maybe I’m wrong to hold others to those same standards, but I do. It drives Gwen nuts when I sometimes commit to something and we end up losing money because of it. Shucks, I could have sold a goat several times this spring for twice the money but I committed myself to hold it for a friend. What would have been the consequences of my actions if I would have taken the “profitable” way out and sold the goat out from underneath them? Do you think they would have looked at me differently as a person? Maybe trusted me a lot less? Maybe severed our friendship and write me off as another bitter life’s lesson? Maybe learned that it was okay to go back on ones word whenever it was convenient? I would rather do the right thing 1 bazillion times and lose than do the wrong thing and have a guilty conscience!
    What do we teach our children when they see us go back on our word, put false information on a registration form for a goat show or try to avoid someone because we are obligated to them in some way. Do we have the right ethically to correct their behavior when we see them acting in the same way? Do we have the right to carp and complain about the way that society is turning out in today’s world? I challenge you all to look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions and if the truth doesn’t hurt, then everything is right in your world.
    As a participant of this wonderful and sometimes crazy thing we call the goat business I meet folks who have a positive and profound affect on me. One of those folks is someone who I consider a good friend and confidant even though we have never had a chance to cross paths. Lynda Kofford-Di Cicco and her great husband Dan run Toboton Creek Ranch in Yelm, Washington. They raise meat goats and sell goat meat at the various Farmers Markets in the Seattle area. You all can blame Lynda and that durned Jennifer Newton for causing me to start up the Goat_Gossip_Group on the Yahoo Groups! Lynda has The_Meat_Goat_Group on yahoo also.
    Any how, Lynda has recommended a wonderful cookbook filled with delicious recipes featuring goat meat. It is called “Getting Your Goat”, the gourmet guide by Patricia A. Moore and Jill Charlotte Stanford. Patricia told me it is listed on Amazon.com . Patricia raises Boer goats in Central Oregon. Here is a little info that Lynda and Patricia provided to let folks know what the cookbook is all about.
    Goats have been a major source of food since time immemorial. Ancient cave paintings show the hunting of goats. They are also one of the oldest domesticated animals on earth. Goat meat can be stewed, curried, baked, grilled, barbecued, minced, canned, or made into sausage.
    Goats milk and the cheese made from it has remained popular throughout history and still is consumed on a more extensive basis worldwide than cow’s milk.
    In addition to food, goats provided early man with skins to make into clothing, with hair to spin into yarn and weave into cloth, and were then—as they are now—a symbol of wealth. To own many goats meant you were well-off and would never face starvation.
    This book contains recipes from all over the world. They are easy, many of them are quick to prepare, and all are absolutely delicious. Here is a little something about the authors.
    Patricia A Moore spent 25 years in horticulture, running a landscape maintenance business in the San Francisco Bay area before moving to Central Oregon in 1988. She raises Boer goats, serves on the state board of the Oregon Meat Goat Producers and is involved with her local chapter of the OMGP. Cooking is Patricia’s passion. This book contains many wonderful recipes in her kitchen, as well as recipes from other goat gourmets.
    Jill Charlotte Stanford has been a writer, editor, and author since 1978. She is the author of Lamb Country Cooking (Culinary Arts 1994), The Cowgirls Cookbook (Globe Pequot 2008), and Going It Alone (Evertype 2008). As a restaurant reviewer as well as a Lamb Cook-Off Judge, she has a highly developed sense of good food. Jill lives and writes in Sisters, Oregon, with her faithful Australian Shepherd Elsa.
    I hope you all have a chance to go on Amazon and get a copy or contact Patricia by phone at 541-280-4816 or e-mail [email protected]
    Dan and Lynda can be contacted by going to their web site at www.tobotoncreekenterprises.com . They are great folks and can help you by offering advice in marketing your goat meat!
    The North East Texas Goat Raisers Assn. is proud to announce their 5th Annual Sizzlin’ Summer Boer Goat Show on July 25th and 26th at the Hunt Co. Fairgrounds in Greenville, by God Texas. The Judges will be Randy Harp on Saturday and Cheryl Wright on Sunday. They are gonna have all kinds of fancy schmancy prizes like buckles and show leads and stuff and raffles for some good goat gear, so pack up the Family Truckster and plan on attending and showin’ them goats! Go to www.netgra.com or e-mail [email protected] or phone Lyndie Mansfield at 903-945-3644 or Brandy Jordan at 509-760-9750 for more information about the show or the association
    Well, that’s all I have for now. Rotate them pastures and continue the FAMACHA checks even though we are having some dry weather. Worm problems have a bad habit of sneaking up on you when you least expect them. If you have any goat gossip then phone 903-388-8528 or e-mail [email protected], Bye, for now.
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    Ya know this is what drives me nuts with a lot of people. If something is not perfect they throw it out and get a new one. I take pride in fixing something until it is no longer able to be fixed.

    Good for you. It may surprise a lot of people today but there ARE more important things than money!

    For my birthday I got a cheese making kit. WOO HOO I can not WAIT to make goat milk cheese!! :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

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    I got my copy of the cookbook on saturday and Gwen and I can't wait to try some of the recipes out on some of the chevon we have in the freezer. I'm on the tugboat till Thursday, so I have to practice what I try to preach! Patience is a virtue that we must all practice! :)