Goat Gossip 89

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    Goat Gossip 89

    It’s Showtime II!

    On with the Show info! I had a chance to get myself on down to the Leon Co. Youth Livestock Show goat show on Tuesday, March 30th. Although there were only 37 entries in 5 classes the goats were fine looking and the Exhibitors spirited in their efforts. Kelcey Cockrell of Oakwood 4-H won Grand Champion with a 94 pound entry in class 3. Ms. Cockrell also took Champion Senior Showmanship. Natalie Freeman of Buffalo 4-H won Reserve Grand Champion with a 103 pound entry in class 4. Ms. Freeman also took Champion Junior Showmanship. Logan Freeman of Buffalo 4-H won Champion Intermediate Showmanship while exhibiting the 4th overall goat, a 95 pound entry in class 3. Charlee Cockrell of Oakwood 4-H won Reserve Junior Showmanship with the 8th overall goat, a 105 pound entry in class 5. Kyle Roach of Buffalo 4-H won Reserve Intermediate Showmanship with a 96 pound entry in class 3. Joseph Lewis of Buffalo 4-H won Reserve Senior Showmanship with the 5th overall goat, a 90 pound entry in class 2. Sarah Burchfield of Buffalo 4-H won third overall with a 115 pound entry in class 5. As I said, these were fine looking goats and the youngsters and their Families should be proud of their entries, but only 4 came from area breeders. Marlin and June Cantrell of Leon Co. had two goats in the show and Dennis Clifton of Freestone Co. had two. Russell Gilbreath would have had two entries but they were killed in a tragic dog attack. Looks like the local breeders need to work on getting better local participation! Myself and Gwen included! I sent that wonderful Leon Co. CEA Tommy Neyland the pictures I took and Mac at the Buffalo Press has the full sized copies so you can pay him a visit with your flash drive for copies or if ya’ll want copies give me a call or e-mail me.
    The Freestone County Goat Breeders Association holds their meetings at the Freestone County Courthouse in Fairfield, Texas. Our meetings are open to the general public and we invite the good citizens of Anderson, Freestone, Henderson, Leon, Limestone, and Navarro Counties to visit and join our organization if it fits you. To find out more about our Association go to www.freestonecountygoats.org and see what we are all about.
    The Dynamic Dozens of the Dew 4-H would like to invite everyone to the Tugwell Classic Goat & Sheep Showing Clinic. The Tugwell Classic will be held at the Ike Carden Arena in Fairfield, Texas on May 8th beginning at 9:00am. Mr. Nick Hoffman will present a Quality Counts session at the end of the show for all Freestone county 4-Hers who still need to attend one. We will have a short, informative "goat talk" and answer as many questions as possible before beginning our Clover Kid, Jr. and Sr. Goat Showmanship classes. As always, this is a freebie, practice-type event. We do have one class that is $5.00 per head; it's our adult class where anything goes!! We have found that this is great fun and helps Dew 4-H recoup some of the cost of the trophies. If anyone is able, they can contact the Freestone County Extension Office at 903-389-3436 and sign up for the Classic ahead of time. That helps us estimate what we need. It is estimated that everyone who attends will have an enjoyable time!
    The next announced East Texas Goat Raisers Assn. event is the General Membership Meeting - April 24, at 10 am at ETGRA property on highway 69 south of Jacksonville. The property is on the east side of the highway two driveways north of the Dialville exit. Signs will be posted at the property. Please bring your own lunch. There will be an educational program prior to lunch and the meeting. The13th Annual Boer Goat Show will be on May 1st. Two shows on one Day!! The Judges are Chris Shoffitt and Joetta Boyd. Contact Danette & Curtis Shoemaker – 936-867-2068 for more information or go to http://www.etgra.com/index.htm to get details on events.
    Speaking of events, the NETGRA will be having a Field Day Saturday, April 17th 10 am, Texas A&M Commerce - 3059 State Hwy 50, Campbell, TX 75422. 10:00am - Nutritional Speaker - David Havard - Cargill/ACCO Feeds, 11:00am - Sonogram Video & Discussion - Jack Mauldin, Lunch during this presentation. 12:30pm/1pm - Hoof Trimming & Administration of shots Workshops - Jason Jordan, To Follow - Parasite Management - Hand-on goat analysis and how to analyze fecal sample - Jack Mauldin. If time and interests allow, we may conclude with a demonstration on how to fit/trim a goat for the show ring. This is an opportunity for you to learn tools to help you better manage your own herd. Members are encouraged to bring some of their own goats to practice on! Please, no mature bucks. Lunch will be provided. Saturday, May 8th they will have their General Meeting with a Round Table discussion and dinner. July 24th & 25th they will have the 6th Annual Sizzlin’ Summer Boer Goat shows. Go to http://netgra.com for details on these events.
    . Ms. Robin Walters of Bar None Meat Goats www.barnonemeatgoats.com asked me to post the following announcement about the 2010 Lone Star Belt Buckle Series:
    Our first set of shows in Cuero TX will be April 24-25. There will be 2 shows Saturday & one Sunday. Saturday we will have a youth showmanship between the two shows. Judges will be John Edwards, Bob Duke, and Eddie Holland (as you all know Eddie has been selected as one of the National show judges). We give prizes for class winners, overall grand & reserve for both shows Saturday. Sunday is a point show only. If the goat shows in both shows Saturday we only charge you $10 for Sundays show per head.
    At the end of the 3 sets of shows (April, August, & October) we will give away 9 belt buckles. For more information, location map, & rules go to
    http://www.barnonemeatgoats.com/2010. html We had a great turnout last year, and a very competitive show. Come join the fun. Future judges will be posted as they are contracted.
    Walker and Carla Kyle of Omega Boer Goats www.omegaboergoats.com/ would like to announce the Summer Fever Boer Goat Show: May 8th 2010 at the Tri-State Fairgrounds in Amarillo, Texas. Shows start at 8 a.m. sharp with a regional JABGA show with pay out and ribbons and overall belt buckles. Followed by Open Shows A and B. The mail entry deadline is 4/25/10. Email entries have until 5/5/2010, fees are $20.00. Late entries on the day of the show will be $25.00. Gates open May 8th 2010. The JABGA Judge is pending. Show A Judge will be Joe Teel. Show B Judge will be Jack Tally. All entries need to be in by 6:30 a.m. May 8th 2010. You can mail your entries to: Summer Fever Boer Goat Show C/O Walker and Carla Kyle, 2218 Williston,
    Pampa, Texas, 79065. Email your entries to: [email protected]. Phone 806-440-6981 for more information. Walker N’ Carla have made arrangements for a host motel so give them a call for details.
    Jim and Connie Gibson are selling their solid black Buck, Black Majic. He is 100% Full blood and his ABGA registration # is 07199022. Pictures can be seen at
    http://www.cjfarmstexas.com/ and you can e-mail Connie at [email protected] or call 903-875-1798 for info and price.
    Well, that’s all I have for now. Thank you all for reading the goat gossip and your support of the FCGBA and your area Goat Breeder Associations. Call me at 903-388-8528 or e-mail [email protected] if you have any goat gossip. Bye, for now.