Goat Gossip 92

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    Goat Gossip 92

    The Great Roundup!!!

    Gwen and I have been tirelessly raising goats for a little over ten years. When we first found our little slice of heaven in the Promised Land it was occupied by a herd of Brahma cross cows that were owned by a great East Texas Cowman, Mr. Lee Denney. Those cows and Bully Bully, a tiger striped bull of questionable breeding, were like a bunch of big puppies. Too tame! Eventually Mr. Lee persuaded Gwen and me to buy them and we kept them until about four years ago when we were in a bad drought. We had been feeding them whole cottonseed and were about to run out when we decided to sell them. We got a premium price at Buffalo because they were fat as ticks and in great condition. Bully Bully was funny because when we tore down the fence between us and Mr. E.W.Allen to replace it he wouldn’t cross the fence line even without a fence there! He would stand at the fence line and bellow at Mr. E. W.’s Angus bull, Lothario and both of them would rut and throw dirt and holler at each other but wouldn’t cross the border!
    After we sold the cows we kind of settled in to raising our goats and making our rancho compatible with handling them. We would buy a calf to raise for meat but one calf isn’t any problem. Just put it out with the goats and they pretty much take care of themselves. The ones we have had would wait by the back yard gate until the goats came in and then wait to be let in to eat their cube or sweet feed. We haven’t had a fence jumper or trouble maker. Until a couple of weeks ago……
    Mr. E.W. has had various types of livestock on his place such as horses and cattle. Clyde Allen will run some cows and calves in there for a spell to fatten them up and keep the exemption up to date. It’s a real pretty place with Oaks and Cedars and a few ponds. Sometimes the goats will stand at the fence looking over and with an expression on their faces like they would really like to go over and clean Mr. E.W.’s place up for him and get rid of the scrub brush and undergrowth. We weren’t made to be curious when we saw a rangy looking black cow and a white faced horned cow over on Mr. E.W.’s place.
    I came home one day and pulled into the driveway and saw that we had been adopted by the White Faced Cow. I drove on to the house and recovered the 4-wheeler and came up to check where WFC came through the fence and for the life of me I couldn’t find a broken wire or sagging top wire where she had jumped it. I called Clyde and they weren’t his cows. I called E.W. and he said that he called the Sheriff and asked them to come and get them because he didn’t know who’s they were.
    I managed to run the WFC up the road and into the pens when I got a bright idea on who’s cows they were- Keith Hardwick’s!!! Keith had been running cows on Andy Gary’s place to the west of us for a few years and when I called him he gave me an exact description of both cows!
    By the time Keith got to the rancho with his trailer the Black Cow had tore through the fence at E.W.’s and was at the bottom of the pens bellowing for her companion so I opened the gate and let her in! Keith backed the brush buster trailer about 100 yards through a stand of Oaks in the middle of the pens, opened the gates and positioned them for capture. He got into the trap with a rattle paddle and proceeded to whup them cows with the paddle and scare them right into the trailer!!!
    Gwen and I stood there gawping as Keith drove them cows into the trailer like the devil driving the hounds of hell back home and then started in to laughing like a couple of hyenas! He looked at us like we were half-crazy and wondered what was so funny! I told him we had never seen cows so scared before. He said that you have to drive them like that because once they realize that they are bigger than you and turn around on you then you’ll never get them in the trailer! Apparently the two cows had become inseparable buddies and the WFC could nose through a fence like a cat burglar and wherever she went, BC would bust through any fence to be with her. Friends for life all the way to the sale barn!
    I’m so glad that we have a group of fairly tame Boer goats. All you have to do is rattle a bucket of feed at them and they will follow you anywhere. If they want to go somewhere other than where you want them the usually won’t run over you. And if they step on your foot you won’t be laid up for weeks at a time!
    The Freestone County Goat Breeders Association holds their meetings at the Freestone County Courthouse in Fairfield, Texas. Our meetings are open to the general public and we invite the good citizens from anywhere in the Great State of Texas to visit and join our organization if it fits you. To find out more about our Association go to www.freestonecountygoats.org and see what we are all about. . It has been decided, and this is an important announcement, to open up our membership roles to any resident in the state of Texas who cares to join! We would like to welcome any of ya’ll fellow Texans who would care to join our association.
    The East Texas Goat Raisers Association will be sponsoring the International Boer Goat Association Central Regional Shows on June 12th in Henderson, Texas. The Open and Junior shows will be double points with the Judges to be announced. Contact Danette or Curtis Shoemaker at 936-867-2068 or 936-414-0902 or e-mail [email protected]. The ETGRA will be sponsoring a Prospect Show and Sale on July 24th in Henderson. Show Wether prospects as well as breeding show stock, does and bucks, will be featured. Judges for the wether show and breeding stock show will be announced at a later date. Go to www.etgra.com for more information on the shows and sales and details on the association.
    The North East Texas Goat Raisers Association will have the 6th Annual Sizzlin’ Summer Boer Goat shows July 24th & 25th at the Hunt County Fairgrounds in Greenville. The will be awarding show leads for Division Prizes and Buckles for Overall winners. They are also giving some pretty good discounts on the entry fees for members and others. Go to http://netgra.com for details on these shows.
    My compadre from the Kyle, Texas side of the Blanco, Marita Wittkopp has some fine Nubian and commercial nannies, wethers, and bucks for sale. See what she’s got at http://www.rockingwgoats.net/ . If you are interested you can e-mail Marita at [email protected] or call 512-754-0041 to chat her up about her goats. I especially liked Minnie Me’s boy! Cute as a button!
    Well, that’s all I have for now. Just one more thing, Hulk’s B.B. placed third in the 0-6 class in Greenville for Flyin’ S Boers www.flyinsboergoats.com and we’re pretty proud of that! Thank you all for reading the goat gossip and your support of the FCGBA and your area Goat Breeder Associations. Call me at 903-388-8528 or e-mail [email protected] if you have any goat gossip. Bye, for now.
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