Goat Gossip 96

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    Goat Gossip 96

    Selection is a matter of choice, that’s why it’s called “Selection”!

    Gwen and I have worked real hard on getting the Rancho in shape to be a top notch goat ranch. Building pens, handling facilities, replacing the entire perimeter fence, cross fencing, improving pastures, building shelters and feeders and such. There’s still a lot to do like adding more permanent cross fencing and a real live barn with maternity pens so the nannies don’t have to kid in the cold and wet during the winter. But that can all come in the future as we can maintain the herd with the resources we have.
    We have been steadily improving our herd to include meatier goats that can be marketed as show stock, market wethers, and breeding stock. We will still have the opportunity to sell meat goats because not all of our stock will come out looking like Pasture Princes and Princesses. If any breeder says that there aren’t any of their goats that are of poor enough quality to sell as meat goats I would say that they have awfully lofty opinions of their animals or the extra strength prescription on their rose-colored glasses!
    We used to sell the best of the kid crop and we let a lot of fine does go out of the gate because we were trying to show a profit at our ranching venture. We saw a lot of our good does get put on the meat truck because youngsters would show them in the market shows and then make sale with them. The result being that they would be slaughtered because the show or fair’s premium sale was a terminal sale. Boy, I sure would have liked to get some of them does back, especially the one shown by Jacob McQueen this last Freestone Co. Fair. She was fine looking and would have been a fantastic addition to the herd. From this day forth I solemnly declare that Rancho Volsa Basias will retain ownership of all of the best doelings bred here (unless ya’ll want to pay an arm and a leg for them!). We have three or four that Gwen has her eye on and another five or six that I would like to keep if she would only let our numbers increase. She has to watch after and tend to the herd while I’m gone so she wants to keep the numbers down to about sixty. Mr. More-is-better (me) would like to have around one hundred, but I’m gone half the time so my vote doesn’t count.
    One of the biggest problems with retaining does from your breeding is that they are all kin to your buck. Unless you run two bucks and they are not from the same blood lines then you will have to either take the does to another buck or borrow and bring in another one or use artificial insemination to breed the doelings that you retain. Some folks will line breed, but Gwen and I don’t do it. I guess it all depends on the Breeder.
    We always try to see the improvement from a doe to her doeling and make a decision as to whether to keep the doeling or not. That choice can make a difference between making a profit or standing pat with the status quo. That choice can be easy or hard, but I hope it is the best one that suits your breeding program.
    My West Texas Amiga, Callene Zapalac of Zaptex Boers (http://www.zaptexboergoats.com/) is holding a show in Plainview, Texas. Callene has the following announcement:
    SAVE THE DATE: We will be hosting the Colder Than Hale Winter Classic in Plainview on November 13-14. We will have 1 Jr. Show and 2 Open Shows on Saturday and 1 Open Show on Sunday. Confirmed judges so far are Jeremy Church for the Jr. Show and John Edwards for the 1st Open Show. We will let you know as soon as we have confirmation on the other two judges!
    You can go to the Texas Boer Goat Association web site at
    http://www.texasboergoatassociation.com to get the latest info on Texas and Southwestern shows, sales, and events. Callene will fill ya’ll in on more details on the Plainview show on the Shows page or the message board at http://tbga.websitetoolbox.com/. She has a good message board with a lot of show folks participating and passing on info.
    The Cuero Summer Blast will be held Saturday & Sunday, August 14-15, 2010 in Cuero, Texas. There will be two shows on Saturday and one on Sunday!
    Entry deadline is at 8 am on show day, entry fees are $20 per head per show.
    Check in date is Friday, 8/13/10 from 6-9 pm and from 7-8 am on show day.
    Location is the Friar Ag Center on Industrial Blvd. Judges is as follows: Open Show 1-Ray Bolinger Open Show 2- Kyle Strickland Open Show 3- Robert Washington. For more info call Robin Walters (830)305-0161 or email: [email protected]
    or visit them on the web at http://www.barnonemeatgoats.com/2010shows.html
    West Texas Fair and Rodeo Boer Goat Show, Saturday, September 11, 2010, Abilene, Texas. Entry deadline: AUGUST 16, $15 per head. Check in date: Friday, 9/10/10, 3-9 pm. Location: Taylor County Expo Center, 1700 Hwy. 36. FMI: Rochelle Johnson (325) 677-4376, email: [email protected] Web: www.taylorcountyexpocenter.com
    It saddens me greatly to have to let ya’ll know that the Freestone County Goat Breeders Association has folded up its tent and disbanded. There are reasons and causes for the dissolution but I’m not going to express my views on the matter. Gwen, as Treasurer and only board member, proposed to the remaining members that we pay the scholarship moneys out and split the remaining resources among the 4-H clubs in Freestone County and everyone agreed so that’s the end of it. If any former members would like an accounting of the funds given out or questions about who got what then they should contact Gwen.
    After talking to a few friends I have decided to continue writing the Goat Gossip as long as the papers keep running it. I guess some folks are just gluttons for punishment and it gives me something to do in order to keep me out of trouble. I will continue to feature information from goat breeders associations and folks that are holding sales and shows with an emphasis on those that can’t really afford to spend the big advertising dollars. Some of the GBAs and poor folks just need a hand and I just like to give them a hand up. If you all have upcoming events that you would like to put in the goat gossip then call or write me an e-mail and I will add it when I have an opportunity.
    . That’s all I’ve got for now. Rotate them pastures and stay on top of your herd’s FAMACHA checks. If you don’t know how to do the checks then give me a call and I’ll hunt up a training session for you. If your hear tell of any training stuff let me know so I can spread the word. Please support your favorite local, area, or national goat breeders associations. Call me at 903-388-8528 or e-mail [email protected] if you have any goat gossip or want to chat. Bye, for now
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