Goat Gossip 97

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    Goat Gossip 97

    Go Shopping but buyer beware!

    Gwen loves to hang out with me because I have a personality flaw that many Men would find terrible. I like to shop! Take me to Walmart and we could spend hours there. Tractor Supply is one of my favorite stores. You name it. Atwood’s, Home Depot, Sam’s, and any curio, furniture, antique, rustic artsy store, hardware, feed store, or anything having to do with ranching, especially goat ranching!
    Our biggest shopping pleasure is GOAT SHOPPING! Whoda thunkit!?! Yes, we love to shop for goats. We usually go for one goat and end up with a truckload that we can’t afford! We have learned through trial and error (mostly error!) that the best value is to go to the other ranch and make our purchases by private treaty. This gives us time to go through the goats that are for sale and put our hands on them, watch as they walk and run, and just generally get a feel for the goat’s personality and demeanor. What I mean is to find out if the goat is timid, or possibly flighty, or a bully goat. We try to keep from buying these goats because we already have enough basket cases in our herd and we don’t need more. A goat with a calm demeanor will let you get within a few paces before moving away slowly and cautiously while watching you, not bounding off and over any obstacle in its way. If Gwen and I can’t at least get a hold of a goat in a crowding pen then we don’t want to buy it. Timid, flighty, or bossy goats do not do well and aren’t thrifty around our place. We have some wild nannies, but they don’t go berserk when penned and ran through the chutes. They don’t like it, but they tolerate it.
    As I said, we like to buy our goats from individual breeders. It just seems nicer and easier that way. We recently made trips to Figbar Farms (http://figbarfarms.com/) in Kansas, Flying S Boer Goats (http://www.flyinsboergoats.com/) in Blanket, Texas, and Carleton Ranch (http://www.carletonranch.com/) in Liberty Hill, Texas. It was a beautiful trip to all three locales and we had a lot of time to see the sights. And we took the time to spend looking over the goats before our purchases and even find some real bargains. We went to Kansas to pick up one and left with three after Jennifer made us an offer we couldn’t refuse! We went to Blanket to buy a buckling and Dawn already had a little Billy picked out which was fine and ended up selling us the Piranhas and Precious, two orphaned doelings and a yearling doe. (Alice and Chewy are doing just fine Sister!). But I must say the most enjoyable time SHOPPING for goats was when we went out to visit Sue and Alex Fuller and their beautiful herd of nannies and nannettes!
    Carleton Ranch was founded by Sue’s dear Uncle Robert Lee in the Austin area and he had expanded to the Liberty Hill ranch. Sue inherited the Ranch and a fine herd of Boer X Spanish goats upon her Uncle Bob’s passing in 1995. By selectively introducing Boer Bucks to their closed herd of Boer and Boer X nannies they have developed some of the finest brood nannies in central Texas (now that the word is out, their prices will go up!). Sue makes it a real pleasure to go out and buy goats as she spends a lot of time with them and can tell you the history and blood lines of each going back to the original herd. She even takes the time to cut out and help with a lot of the selection process. Sue’s got a sharp eye for goats even if she is a librarian! (Just funnin’ Sue!)
    Buying goats from individual breeders offers the buyers an opportunity to not only see how the goats look, but also how they are raised. Some things such as whether they are pen or pasture reared, how much they are fed to maintain their condition, and the breeders amount of attention to their goats and breeding program can be determined with a visit to the breeder’s ranch. Many times this can make or break a deal.
    There are many folks that we would really like to visit and possibly buy goats from. I would like to visit with Ms. Coni Ross (http://www.crranch.org/) to see her herd. I was really impressed with CONI Doc, the buck that Gary Tugwell bought from Sue Fuller. Everyone I talk to says Ms. Coni has some beautiful goats. Another breeder I would like to visit with is Agnew Boers (http://agnewboers.com/), owned by Mr., James Agnew and Ms. Brenda Larner. Brenda keeps inviting us out to the ranch and we really need to take the time for a visit. Ms. Betty Peterson (and Gerald too!) (http://www.bluetoppetersonboergoats.com/) are some fine folks to visit and purchase goats from. There are many breeders out there who would love to take the time to take ya’ll around and show you their ranch and herd, not being prideful but being proud of their hard work and accomplishments. Just remember what Dizzy Dean said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you done it!”
    Callene Zapalac of Zaptex Boers (http://www.zaptexboergoats.com/) is holding a show in Plainview, Texas. Callene has the following announcement: SAVE THE DATE: We will be hosting the Colder than Hale Winter Classic in Plainview on November 13-14. We will have 1 Jr. Show and 2 Open Shows on Saturday and 1 Open Show on Sunday. Confirmed judges are Jeremy Church for the Junior Show and John Edwards for the first Open Show. Ron Dilley will judge the last open show on Saturday and Dr. Josh Lackey will judge the Open Show on Sunday. For More info call: RaeAnne King (806)292-3288 Callene Zapalac (806)292-1649 or go to the Website: www.colderthanhale.com
    You can go to the Texas Boer Goat Association web site at http://www.texasboergoatassociation.com to get the latest info on Texas and Southwestern shows, sales, and events. Callene will fill ya’ll in on more details on the Plainview show on the Shows page or the message board at http://tbga.websitetoolbox.com/. She has a good message board with a lot of show folks participating and passing on info.
    West Texas Fair and Rodeo Boer Goat Show, Saturday, September 11, 2010, Abilene, Texas. Entry deadline: AUGUST 16, $15 per head. Check in date: Friday, 9/10/10, 3-9 pm. Location: Taylor County Expo Center, 1700 Hwy. 36. FMI: Rochelle Johnson (325) 677-4376, email: [email protected] Web: www.taylorcountyexpocenter.com
    If you are having a special event, show, or sale and would like to give it that special touch then send Randall Beaird an e-mail at [email protected]
    If you need to send out personalized cards with unlimited pictures to advertise an event or your farm go to http://www.sendoutcards.com/storefront/shawneegrove/ to send a free card and try it out. These are beautiful invitations and are easy to order and send to your special customers.
    The Elkhart 4-H club went to Praireview A&M for goat judging and placed 2nd, goat quiz bowl 3rd.And six blue ribbons for other awards. They are gearing up for the upcoming fairs to show their goats at East Texas Fair (Tyler) Heart of Texas Fair (Waco) and other jackpot shows. For more info on joining the Elkhart 4-H club call Kim Cooper at 903-764-1178. Elkhart 4-H has a lot of different things planned for this coming year in 4-H. To enroll your Youngsters in 4-H contact your Agrilife Extension Office or go to http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/.
    Congratulations to the Elkhart Youngsters and their Adult Leaders, Kim Cooper and Darlene Chaffin. I feel so prideful when it comes to our rural youth programs and the fine folks that participate and offer their guidance. This is what makes rural living so wonderful. An opportunity for ALL youngsters to succeed!
    That’s all I’ve got for now. If your hear tell of any training stuff or any other events then let me know so I can spread the word. Please support your favorite local, area, or national goat breeders associations. Call me at 903-388-8528 or e-mail [email protected] if you have any goat gossip or want to chat. Bye, for now
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    I so enjoy your articles.

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    They are interesting, but maybe it could be one post? Or several grouped into one? With a topic posted, instead of just 'goat gossip #'? It might generate more interest that way, I generally don't go to posts that I don't know what the topic is.