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Does anyone have a good system for keeping records on their goats or other farm animals?

I know there are some apps and software that helps keep track of animal health, how many kids each has, feed records, dates of birth, CDT dates, and/or etc., but not sure if anyone has experience using any of the APPS or software programs?

Itunes has an app called Herd, animal and livestock manager, that looks interesting. I have yet to investigate this closer, but hope to find this or another to eventually be of use for keeping track of animal health, and any interventions we do with the animals. I feel it could be good to keep a record, and it will always give us something to reference and learn from, even looking back on animals that we had the records could be kept beyond the animals lifetime for reference. :book:

I was hoping to find an app or program that would allow more than one of us to be able to enter the information in regarding the animal.

So, more than one device, a phone, and a tablet or laptop, with 2 or more users being able to view and/or enter the information into the chart/or animals record.

Anyone using such a product?

Herd boss is another, that appears to have a lamb as the icon.

i herd

the livestock manager says it syncs to all your devices and uses the icloud for storage. (of course my cloud is currently pretty full of photos!)

We are looking for an easier way to keep records, or at least back up records for all of our use. As 2 or 3 of us are keeping track of herd health my objective is to be able to do that on independent devices so any one of us will know the information on each animal at any time we are able to check it out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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