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Goat hoof trimming

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How long should my goats hoofs get before trimming? how often? any tip/tricks to trimming for the first time?

we have two female goats and three fairly new kids. will the kids hoofs need to be trimmed any time soon?
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Welcome to The Goat Spot!

How often a goats' hooves need trimmed, depends on several things including the individual goat and the surfaces they have access to. A good starting point is to trim their hooves every month and to get a feel for how fast your goats' hooves grow. You may be able to get away with them trimming every two months instead of one, again it just depends.

Usually, kids won't need their hooves trimmed until they are around eight weeks old - that's when I like to trim my kids' hooves.

There are many really great videos on YouTube about trimming goats' hooves and I would highly recommend watching a few of them. I found it to be very helpful to watch other people in videos trim hooves before I did on my goats for the first time.

It's also very helpful to secure a goat on a milking stand while trimming hooves. If you don't have one, then the job will be a lot easier with another person to help hold the goat.

Remember, you can always cut more off but you can never put more back on.

Some people like to use a rasp on the hoof after trimming to help level it out more, but I've never used one.

I was pretty nervous about trimming hooves for the first time, but it really isn't bad at all. I honestly kind of enjoy trimming hooves now - I find it satisfyingly. 馃檪

Good luck! I hope this helps!

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Welcome to The Goat Spot Family. Dandy gave good advice.
We trim monthly because our ground is sandy..nothing good for the goats to wear down their hooves. Some can go much longer if they have rocky ground. Also as mentioned, genetics. I have a few here that monthly trims are not needed. Every other month works because they don't grow very fast while others look like I hadn't trimmed them in a year! Get to know your goats trimming needs and make a schedule that fits that need.

Best wishes
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Start playing with the babies' feet, get them used to the feeling of having one hoof off the ground. As soon as the bottom flap
starts to fold over- a quick trim will alleviate that. But constant handling will make it so much easier later. Just pet them, rub
hands all over, pick up a foot or so each time. The back ones are usually the ones that aggravate goats the most. Even the big
goats can be foot handled alot- only takes a few min. a day.
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