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    Jul 7, 2009
    I have a 6 year old Alpine doe in milk right now. I just took her to be bred and when she came back I should have kept her alone for the first few days but didn't I put her right in with my small herd, 4 Nubian does. 1 doe was in heat and they wrestled a bit but nothing much, the Alpine is usually the leader. I think they must have wrestled with each other too much because now she seems sore, maybe her legs are a little swollen, she won't come to be milked like usual. She is mostly off feed, standing in one spot. I am going to take her temp and then possibly give her Naxel and Banamine. What will the effect be on the pregnancy, if she took? I guess her health is most important right now. Any thoughts? I am new to dairy goats.
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    Well first off, welcome to the goat spot. So glad you are here with us.

    Ok, the first thing you have to do isl like you said get a temp. I would never give a antibiotic unless I new the HAD to have it. I would bet she is a little sore from the buck and then from coming home and having to tell them she is still the queen.
    How long ago did she kid? Is her bag hot or hard?

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    did you hand breed her or was she at the bucks for a while?

    Welcome to TGS :wave:
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    welcome ...angelynbelle....glad to have you here... :wave:

    How is she today...did you take her temp?