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Goat kids coughing and sneezing

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Hey good morning goat fam.

My three bottle babies are just a month old as of this Sunday - They are the ones that you may have seen on posts who lost their mom to Yew. Anyways, just as of this morning my husband said he noticed some light coughing and sneezing. I ran out to take temps and one is 103.5, the other two are 104.5. No lethargy, no issues with appetite, super happy and bouncy but I'm concerned about those two temps. We're in northern Virginia and the weather has been bouncing all over the place.

I texted my vet but in the interim, what are your thoughts and recommendations?
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Update: Vet said allergies are really possible since everything just sprung open around here. We're going to monitor their temps and retake this afternoon; If there are any increases, she recommends Exceed which she'll come by and administer.

Still curious to hear the communities thoughts! I'm maybe a bit paranoid after all the loss this year but part of me is wishing I was doing something proactively now.
You could always give Vet Rx, garlic, Benadryl, vitamin C.
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104.5 is a tad high but stress can cause a slight elevated temp. Vet Rx and Benedryl would be my first go to and see if those helps. A b complex shot wouldn't hurt as a support. And definitely keep a close watch on temps. Get some antibiotics on hand in case the temps spike.
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I agree with the others.
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