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New thing that Sully is doing.

I take them out every evening to browse for at
least and hour.

Well now when I start heading back to the fenced
in area. He lays down and eats. So that he does
not have to go back in.

Is this a flipping solution? since he is already on the
ground.? I am not sure I can hold him down.
He weighs as much as I do if not more.

I can get him up with a treat. He does not get the treat
til he is up and moving.

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Re: Flipping a goat

He is on a leash by that time.
That is the time I am going through the yard where
hubby has his plants that he is parinoid the
goats are going to eat. So I leash Sully.
first he goes down on his knees. to graze the
lawn. Then just lays down.
Last night. He was down before I even realized it.

But I was gone a couple of days and they had not
been out. they really missed it.

So how do I keep him from going down with the leash?
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