Goat not recuperating...

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    Jan 21, 2021
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    Oh...I'll start with giving her hooves a good trim, she hates having them done so ill get a little kicking action started. Then we will proceed with the getting her moving! Thanks so much! We've had goats for almost 5 years and have been lucky so far! Her eyelids are borderline color wise. She's got an appetite and taking electrolytes so
    Thank you!
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    Do you know if your vet did any bloodwork? Like others have mentioned it’s important to know if she has CAE or Johnes. Did they give you any diagnosis or what they were treating? So many vets just treat every sick goat as if they are suffering from worms and never accurately diagnose the problem. You're doing good by keeping her in isolation from the rest of the herd until the issue is identified and resolved.
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