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I had a wonderful time at the 2012 Rendy at Ranger Creek. Lots of realy cool big Packers and their owners. I learned some new Knot tying tips and got lots of good information from all of you.

My highlight was a six mile day hike into the Naches Wilderness with Tony, Steve, Dave and Josh. Thanks again Tony for taking us to the breathtaking spot. We spotted about a dozen Mountain Goats and watched them through a spotting scope during our lunch on a cliff ledge. The clear blue sky made for perfect view of Mount Rainier. Gods majestic handy work. Our Pack Goats carried the lunch, water, spotting scope tripod, camera and gear for the day.

Thanks again Donna and Steve for all the help with putting on the event. Thank you Donna for the one on one hoof triming lessson and the info on vaccinations. This will be a big help.

Thank you Carolyn for answering my questions on snake bite treatment. I'll be ready for my Pack trip in August to the Wenaha if we run into rattlers.

Thank you again Rex and Teri for your continued support and encouragement with my Goat Packing endeavor. Can hardly wait to try out the new gear and panniers.

Thank you Dwite for your friendship and support.
Thank you Larry for your leadership and commitment to Goatpacking. Thank you Rachel for the Pacific Pack Goat Magnetic stickers. My truck and travel trailer look great with them. Thank you to everyone else that I met at the Rendy, I enjoyed your friendship and your Pack Goats. May the peace of God go with all of you till we meet again.

Curtis King Burbank WA.
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