Goat Post-Birth Problems

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    Hi been in goats for a while and have done a lot of kiddings in the past but I’m concerned about my sweet Nubian doe, Licorice (7yr old). I’d like to hear your suggestions so that I can help her the best I can and put my heart at ease.

    She kidded yesterday (1/16) with triplets. It was a really quick birth, one kid coming out after the other. The third kid was coming out head first with no legs, I ended up having to assist. We got one leg pulled up and the kid was delivered. We’ve pulled the kids and they are doing just fine but I’m worried about their dam. She was given warm molasses water, alfalfa, and a couple treats after she had finished cleaning out her afterbirth. We milked her and she was placed back into an individual stall. Today she hasn’t eaten anything that we’ve given her or drank much on her own. She has eaten only a couple treats, picked at her hay, and we were able to get her to drink a little bit more warm molasses but not much. We did let her out today to enjoy some sunshine but she has since been put back in her stall. Tonight she wasn’t interested in getting milked at all and we gave her a shot of penicillin. Although she still looks like she is uncomfortable and still having contractions. Any advice as to what I can give her to help ease her through this?
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    I'm sorry your doe isn't doing well. Here are some things to check:
    Did she pass the afterbirth?
    Is it possible she still has a kid in there?
    How does her udder feel? If it's hot then she has a mastitis infection starting.
    Have you taken her temperature? If it's over 103* it's a sign of trouble.

    If she has not passed the afterbirth then I suspect she may have another kid stuck in there and it must come out! Stand behind her with your arms under her belly and gently bounce it up and down to see if there's a hard lump in the bottom. If there is, then it's a 4th kid and you'll need to reach in and pull it out right away. If there's a dead kid then she should have a uterine flush once it's out to prevent infection.

    If there's no kid that you can feel, but she has not passed the afterbirth then she'll need to see a vet in the morning. A shot of oxytocin should help her expel the afterbirth.

    If it's mastitis then you'll need to tie her up and make her stand still to be milked out. Milk her out completely and then apply hot compresses. Massage the udder with the compresses and try to work out any hard lumps you feel. She'll need teat infusions to treat the infection. If you don't have any infusions on hand then you'll need to see a vet in the morning. In the meantime, milk her out every few hours through the night and apply hot compresses and massage for a good 20 minutes after each milk-out.

    Those are my best guesses about what could be going on. Hopefully you get it figured out tonight and can consult with a vet in the morning because it sounds like she needs some help. Good luck!
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    If she doesn’t have a low temp (below 101.5) maybe a shot of banamine will help. She might be in pain from you pulling the kid out. I find giving banamine helps from the trauma of giving birth. Have you given vitamin B complex? That can also stimulate their appetite.
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    If the temp is low, another possibility could be "milk fever"
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    How is she doing this morning?
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    I would also give her a dose of CMPK or a mixture of celery and carrot juice - 30cc for either - twice a day in addition to all the above. How is her milk supply? Are kids nursing well? If you already started on the penecillin, you need to run the full course of antibiotics. Get her temperature. I also like a uterine bolus if I had to go way in to fish out kids.
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    I agree with @GoofyGoat ..have you checked her famacha? Probably needs the Bcomplex due to the birthing and you pulling one. I often feel my older girls cramp the next day after birthing. They all seem to be sore and not move well if they have had twins or any trouble kidding.
    I always give mine a little selenium gel; bcomplex gel, and probios the 2nd day.
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    You have good advice. I give a nice dark beer the day after kidding. Warm and mostly flat, a beer like Guinness Stout is packed with probiotic microbes as well as a range of b vitamins. Beer isn’t a cure but it often helps appetite and stimulates rumen function.
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