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Goat skin care; hair loss and sunscreen?

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Hi everyone,

I have a 4 month Nigerian Dwarf Nubian cross that was recently attacked by my dogs on May 17th. He’s healed perfectly and is back to his goat life playing and jumping around. The day he was attacked, I noticed on some parts of his body that his hair was close to nothing. The dogs could’ve pulled some off Im sure :( today his hair is still short and it seems that he’s lost even more..

I’m thinking it’s also because of stress from that traumatic situation? It’s been very hot these days in the California deserts, should I put something on his skin to protect it from the sun? Any tips or experience is appreciated.

thank you.
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With that pink skin, I would put suntan lotion on.
Don’t use sunscreen it doesn’t work well for animals, buy the maximum strength desitin butt rash cream by the tub, much more effective and stays on better. You can get it at Walmart and it’s cheap.
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