Goat staring into space

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    My 11 month old doe(ling) is stating off into space. Her temp is 101.9, and I checked her eyes, maybe a bit pale, but not alarmingly so. She seemed fine this morning, although I have noticed some diarrhea. I don't know that it was hers. It has been incredibly rainy here, maybe that is a factor? She is definitely off, she mostly is keeping a way from the rest of the herd. What could cause her strange behavior?
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    Jul 19, 2014
    Can you get a fecal done?

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    Jul 13, 2017
    I'd look hard at listeriosis and/or polio. If she were mine & she's staring off into space and acting off, I'd give her a shot of B-complex (6 mL/100 lbs) right now; then come back & read up on both. A fecal would be a good idea but the B-complex wouldn't hurt, and if it's polio (or listeriosis), quick treatment is key.
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    I don't have the equipment for a fecal. I have her B Complex shot, penicillin shot, probiotic, and an herbal wormer.
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    I agree very much with both! The key to both polio and listeriosis is to act fast. Also it seems there is a good amount of reasons why a goat will get polio and one of the reasons is parasites, so with the not so great lids and runs I would get that fecal
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    Any eye darting, drooling, head going to one side, circling?
    Stargazing is another.
    I would start treatment right away, every 6 hours until all symptoms are gone and then, continue another 48 hours slowly weaning the goat off of it. So every 6 hours to 8 hours and so on. Unless the goat relapses increase again to every 6 hours again.

    Get a fecal for worms and cocci from your vet.