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    Nov 20, 2007
    Don't forget to get your special Valentine something goatie for Valentine's Day..
    I create artwork for t-shirt designs and other goatie gifts.. the products are professionally created by the companies where my goat gift shops are. GetYerGoatâ„¢ is the largest goat gift shop on the net with over 20 thousand gift items available.. and I try to have every goat breed represented.

    I also have the GoatPediaâ„¢ Goat Owners Guide and Calendar for 2008 in two Volumes - each with different goat care information inside on each page- these goat calendars are invaluable to new and seasoned goat owners alike, great for quick reference of goat information and how to's. They are very large 14x22 opened and in full color with glossy heavy pages great for the milk room, hospital room or kidding room. Quick reference gestation calendar on each page for each month of the year too..
    There is literally something for everyone inside.. and for all you goatladies out there who are tired of the same ole same ole political gear.. we have a new fun t-shirt.. Goatlady for President.. Now that'll get 'em talking at your next function.. LOL

    Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit a spell and wander through my shops.
    Thank you for visiting..

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    Jan 5, 2014
    I have a two year old Pygmy girl who has seem the vet three times since dec 27. Just yesterday after the third visit a CBC and exam determined my girl is quite anemic. Not determined if she has parasites but she was treated anyhow with ivormec. As well as a vitamin k injection. We started red cell (3 doses given now) and iron dextran one dose so far. She's still eating, drinking, peeing and pooping. My biggest concern is her comfort. She's grunting with each inhale and exhale. And looks uncomfortable. The vet said increased respirations are normal in her state due to decreased red blood cells and oxygen carrying capacity. All making sense. But how long can she make it being this way. Her noisy respirations are around 42 at rest. Any positive thoughts??!!

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    You may want to start a new thread so people can see a correct title.

    I'm curious as to why a fecal wasn't done to include coccidia. While anemia is associated with Barberpole, any type of heavy wormload especially coccidia can also cause anemia.

    What is her temp? How did her lungs sound?