Goat Test + for Mastitis w/cheesy milk no other signs

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    Nov 19, 2020
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    3yo Alpine never bred, has produced milk for the second time. First time tried to just ignore her and see if she would just dry up, our Nubian did the same thing at the same time and did dry up in just a few days, but the Alpine just filled up and began acting uncomfortable so went ahead and started milking her. And started backing off the milking in mid Oct and she was dry by mid Nov or so.

    This year same thing, started producing about June\July. So we milked her up to about mid Oct and started backing off to have her dry up, her left side still producing ~32 oz every 3 days, used to be about 24-30oz per day per side, but her right side is nearly dried off and is the side that tested positive for Mastitis using the small card with the dots on the four corners. She is not swollen, red, hot, hard, or uncomfortable on that side. But I went out tonight to take the pressure off her and that side shot cottage cheese out, still white and milk like just clumpy. With as small as it was I really didn't expect to even get anything out. This is her better teat too, she milks out faster on this side than her left, which actually had me thinking if she was going to have issues it would be with the left side not the right?

    I did find a small wound on her back toward her hindquarters about 2 weeks ago, clotted and otherwise clean looking but a little sensitive around the area. It seems to be healing up nicely. Not sure if that might be a possible contributing factor or just coincidence.

    Being the first goats I have ever cared for, or even been around, is this something of great concern or just something that I should be mindful of and keep an eye on as she finishes drying off for the year? As beyond the clumpy milk and test result she is showing no other symptoms and is nearly dry on that side. Should I try and milk out that side everyday to try and 'flush' the infection? With everything going on in the world at the moment I'm not too sure just how easy it will be to get her to a vet, or even how expensive it would end up being because of everything too, as when I took one of our household pets to the vet in Aug it ended up being nearly 5x the cost that we normally would have paid cause I had to take her to a 'Emergency Vet Hospital" because it was one of the few places open in our state at the time. Even though that animal really only needed a basic vet visit, and some anti-inflammatory meds.

    Any advice or helpful information would be greatly appreciated.
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    She needs to be milked out. Then use Tomorrow mastitis treatment twice a day. Use the whole tube. So milk out, then insert the liquid from the tube and massage up into the udder. probably be good to do both sides.
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    Have they been tested for CAE - this can be a contributing factor for udder issues....
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