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Goat very sick

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So my darling little Elsie is horribly sick. Noticed this morning she was puking (the entire stall was covered in her vomit) and she wasn't eating or drinking. Really lethargic and dragging feet. Vet came out and gave her a laxative, tubed her, and gave her some really strong antibiotics. That was at 8am this morning. Now she still doesn't want to eat or drink anything. Oh, and vet gave her thiamine which I just gave her another shot of at 7pm. Her eyes are still dull and she is still dragging her feet. No signs of the laxative working, just a small amount of berries not very often. The vet said if she didn't get better by earlier this afternoon to bring her in and they would give her IVs and take scans, but it's not really worth it for us to do this. Earlier today she was obviously in pain because she was gritting her teeth,arching her back, and stretching out her neck. No puking since last night/this morning. Vet said either poisonous plant or obstruction, but she isn't bloated at all. Got her to eat some green leaves around 5pm, and after that she nibbled on hay. Not sure what else I can do but wait and see if she makes it through the night. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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any time a goat vomits you can bet that they've eaten something toxic.... activated charcoal gel followed by milk of magnesia half hour later is a remedy that helps.
The times I've seen goats vomit it was because they ate rhododendron and azalea bushes.
Your girl needs hydrated, offer her some Gatorade and keep her eating with good hay, some probiotic paste will help too.
Grinding teeth is a sign of pain, she needs banamine from your vet.
I would also give her a shot of B complex to stimulate appetite.
And ditto on probiotics.
I would offer her water with a electrolyte in it. Syringe it down her if you have to after you do the charcoal.
B Complex. Also try like warm oatmeal with a little molasses. Give her anything that she will eat. Bread, crackers or anything. Yep Probiotics
I agree...I would run with the Milk of Magnesia 15 cc per 60#...dont skimp!! might cause loose stool but let it run its course, its cleaning the toxins out you can give activated charocol as well ...Keep up the thiamine or fortied B complex..I owuld also give C D Antitoxin ASAP..

getting her to drink it most important as this help flush her is a recipe you can make at home...drench her if you have to...

Homemade Electrolytes
A half gallon of hot water
2-6 Tablespoons of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses or what you have on hand or honey
1-2 Tablespoons of Either Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda or Table Salt.
1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix well and drench or let them drink it.
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All good advice
hows Elsie doing??
She seems to be doing a lot better. Thanks everyone for your advice! She ate today and has been drinking water. She still is stretching and arching her back. Also no signs the laxative the vet gave her has worked. She has been pooing berries and peeing on a regular basis. Her eyes are still a little dull, but I suppose it will take a little longer for her to get fully recooperated. Do you think I should still give her MOM even though she seems to be doing better? She weighs about 80lbs. Also, the antibiotic the vet gave her was REALLY strong, as in she was shaking because it burned so badly. I am supposed to give her this same antibiotic again on Tuesday. Do you think I could just give her penicillin instead? I feel like the vets antibiotic is way too strong/much for her. Thanks again everyone!

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How much is she eating and drinking...if she is at normal range then MOM might not be needed..I would lay off the grain until she is 100% ..if she is pooping berries then that is a good thing...what was the vet hoping to accomplish with a laxitive?
Do you know the name of the antibiotic? Some just sting, no getting around it..but if he gave her LA200 which really stings, you can get byo-mycin 200 which is the same medication but without the sting carrier..
Well the vet thought she ate something poisonous some was trying to flush it out of her with the laxative. The antibiotic is something like okytctracycline. Sorry the vets handwriting isn't the best so it's hard for me to read.
that's la200 and it does sting. not sure why he gave her that as it sounds like poison. maybe he was doing it as a prventative for pnuemonia in case she aspirated some of the vomit.
Yeah I'm not sure why he chose that antibiotic..,I think the only reason he gave her one was in case she had an obstruction? About 2 weeks ago this same goat had a pretty high fever and was sick..gave her penicillin and she seemed to fully recover. Elsie escapes the corral all the time, and seems to always be getting herself sick...
The problem with not completly an antibiotic round is it creates a resitance to the medication...sounds like he only gave you enough for two shots, which IMO if never enough for the fast metabolism of a goat..
LA200 is horribly painful. I would Pick up a bottle Bio-Mycin instead to finish her round...again, its the saem medication, just with a more gentler carrier....
So the only thing I found was called liquamycin-LA200. Is this right? It's at tsc
So just gave her Two tablespoons of MOM and homemade electrolytes since she didn't seem to be improving. Also just gave her 7 ccs of a paste for kids and lambs - basically it was probiotics and charcoal and vitamin B. Only probiotic I had on hand. Hoping this will help her. Is that too little MOM??
MOM is 15 cc per 60#...15 cc is a tablespoon so 2 would be good for a 120# goat

Fingers crossed it helps : )
Okay. She weighs about 90 lbs. oops! I think I will wait to give her another dose until the morning since I overdosed her?
lol..she will be fine with that...
So just gave her 7 more ccs do that kid probiotic. Her tummy hurts..I guess from the laxative? She was grunting/maaing but no teeth grinding. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a real probiotic and a different antibiotic. Her nose looks a little runny also. Sorry I feel like this doe is always causing problems!
No teeth grinding is good ...Go ahead and take her temp..see how she is doing on temperature and Take a few minutes to listen to her rumen (left side) should hear girgling, rumbling ect...have you seen her chew a cud, or noticed her burping or tooting?
The MOM should help her if toxins are building..the Probios s putting back good bacteria to restore flora in her gut..Getting her to eat more forage, such as green leaves and hay will help get things moving as well..of course keeping her hydrtated while she battles this ..
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