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goat vitamins

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Does anyone have any goat supplement/vitamin suggestions for Nigerian dwarfs?
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A good quality loose mineral, (some of the type used for cattle are just as good) made available to them at all times.

Redmond has a very nice red rock than is a naturally mined chunk of mineral rich salt rock. I also have cobalt and selenium blocks. These blocks are an additional source of supplements that is provided at all times. They lick what they want when they feel it is needed.

Copper bolus may need to be given at times as well.

There are many other forms of supplements and various types as well. Most except for loose minerals, are used depending on deficiency states in goats and what may be needed either by a particular goat or the herd in general.
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I went to TSC to do a big haul of goat supplies I was lacking and they didn't have this and that and I didn't know what brands to get. So...
I wanted to get Purina wind and rain loose minerals but they didn't have any just for goats. Would any of these work?
Does the brand of CDT vaccine matter?
Also, should I get vitamin B complex or fortified vitamin B?
Yes, the Wind and Rain cattle mineral in the reddish bag is what several people use.
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Can products made for cattle be used on goats?
Yes, the majority of them have been used for goats out of necessity. Currently most of all the supplies I have are labeled for cattle, horse or swine, with only 2 products labeled specifically for goats.
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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