Goat with Bloat (I think)

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by grandmajo, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Oct 14, 2008
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    Ok, I think that I have a goat with bloat here. When I went to do chores this am, my kinder Maybell was not acting right. Her tummy seemed rather big, and although she hopped up on the milkstand, she wouldn't touch her grain. I took her temp, and it was 101.5, which is low for her, she normally runs around 102.5-102.8. She was eating fine last night. She is pooping normally. She is UTD on her CD/T vac. I just retook her temp and it was at 102.7.

    I did a baking soda drench, which almost as soon as that was done, she brought up huge amounts of cud, like it was more than she could chew, and she was spitting it out, then she started chewing.

    I also did 60cc of oil, is that enough? The instructions say large amount, wasn't sure how much was a large amount.

    Does she still need the CD antitoxin since she is current on her vac for that? I did give her 6cc orally, just to be safe.

    The only antihistimine that I have is loratadine, 10mg tablets. Are those safe for goats?

    OK what am I missing?

    I'm assuming it has to be pasture, our pasture is pretty rich in clover. They haven't been out in it as much as normal, because we've had rain, and the last couple of days the dew has still been heavy at noon, so I don't let them out until the dew is gone in the afternoon, yesterday it was about 3:00pm before they went out, and were back in their pens at 7:00pm. They also get hay before they go out.

    I say pasture because none of them have been outside their pens other than when they are in the pasture. And the grain bin is in the milk room, which has a door that only opens outward with a regular house door knob (that way if the goats escaped their pens, they couldn't jump on the door and push it open). Also the grain is stored in a locking bin as an added safety precaution.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    I would just keep up the baking soda and massage her stomach. Since her rumen is still functioning thats good.

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    I agree with Stacey.. :thumbup: ..also ...you can give her probiotic paste....
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    Oct 14, 2008
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    Thanks guys! I just used the last of the paste up yesterday, so I'm making a quick trip up to TSC.
    I'm going to get the BIG tube of it, that stuff is like miracle cure in a tube.

    Of course, one of my nubians is scouring now too, and I just saw tapes in her poo, oh swell. I was planning to pick up some more Valbazen, because I had a stupid attack and left it out in the barn back when we had upper 90 degree temps here for a week. And, it says the expiration date was 1/2009, so I've probably killed it.