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I didn't just want to leave this in our kidding thread and wanted to provide some more information for those interested.

I thought this would fascinate to some, and as far as I could find, or our vet could find there are no recorded cases of a goat with an eye dermoid.

The vet was already out assisting with Moon's delivery as the buckling in question was breech and stuck far back. The vet delivered him, mom and dad got him cleaned up and cared for his umbilical cord, and I had him on my lap with moon licking him off. His eye looked strange so I looked closer and realized it had hir growing on the eye. I told the vet, and she looked at him. She said it was an eye dermoid, but she had never seen one before.

Once the other two kids were delivered the vet left and went home to do some research. We also did some research once we got the goats taken care of and back in the birthing stall. The vet found some cases in cows where the dermoid could be peeled off, but there is a chance of the eye rupturing and having to be removed or the kid having to be euthanized. The dermoid didn't seem to be an issue. A human had one for 19 years before getting his removed and he was fine, no discomfort besides lack of vision. We found a dog that had the hair actually sticking out of his eye and was completely fine, and we found a wild buck dear that was over a year old (before dying of an unrelated death). The wild buck had it in both eyes and still was perfectly fine.

The only issues they seem to cause are full or partial lack of vision, and possibly only being able to see light and dark out of the eye with a dermoid.

The vet said it is not a genetic issue but an EXTREMELY rare fluke.

The vet told us to keep an eye on him. Make sure he is not squinting, is in no obvious discomfort, and has no eye discharge.

As of now the hair is not sticking out of the eye and is staying moist. He seems to be in no pain, is acting like a normal kid, has no eye discharge, and is not squinting.

Here are pictures:
Human body Dog breed Whiskers Liver Fawn

Head Dog Dog breed Eyelash Carnivore

Head Eye Human body Ear Eyelash

Liver Working animal Whiskers Terrestrial animal Dog breed

Hand Felidae Ear Finger Goat

Dog breed Ear Fawn Whiskers Liver

Dog Dog breed Ear Carnivore Fawn

Carnivore Fawn Dog breed Whiskers Terrestrial animal

Eye Carnivore Ear Dog Finger

Carnivore Ear Liver Whiskers Working animal
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