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Goat with injured leg

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I have a 7 month old fainting goat that broke her leg. Her leg is casted but today when I checked on her she just didn't look like she had any energy and barely ate anything and just laid back down. She has grain, hay and fresh water in with her and I've also been giving her some probiotics and aspirin for pain. My question is there anything good I can give her to make her feel better or want to eat? I'm concerned because with my past experience with goats I know once there sick and loose there will to live they go down hill quick. She is not running a temperature either.
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I would give her a shot of Fortified B Complex it can help make her want to eat. Is she chewing her cud?
Didn't the vet give you Banamine to give her for pain and inflammation? I would ask the vet for some Banamine. You can also give her some B complex and Probios.
I agree with the B-complex suggestion and would also offer the homemade electrolytes recipe here: which will give her some energy and make sure she is hydrated (leave plain water too). Is she grinding her teeth? (exhibiting pain?) I would keep up the aspirin and probiotics but don't offer her a ton of grain, mostly hay. You could try an energy supp. like Nutradrench and see if she perks up.

Watch her poops to make sure they are normal and also double check her eyelids for anemia to make sure the stress of the leg break didn't allow a parasite explosion.
I agree, also make sure the cast isn't too tight, if she swelled up a lot, it may be hurting her or cutting off circulation. Have the vet look at her again to be sure she is OK.
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