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    Oct 10, 2007
    I tried to bredd a goat last year and it didn't have kids. The buck owner assured us that the doe had been bred as he was a witness.

    Is it common for a doe not to take? Could something be up with this doe.

    It was her first time, and she wants nothing to do with anyone touching her back side. When she came home from the buck and you tried to grab her tail, she would flee.

    I question if she'll be able to breed this year. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to get another chance at the buck for $0.

    Any suggestions?
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    Its not commen for a goat not to take, however if you only tried once and she didnt settle then the chances went way down hil. Often it only takes the doe one time in with a buck, but if the timeing was wong during her heat cycle and she was only bred the one time, that could be the reason she didnt take.
    Goats naturally dont care to have their tails touched, if she wasnt accustomed to this she could of ran just because she isnt used to it. I wouldnt rule her out as a dud until you give her another shot at breeding. Leave her in with the buck for two heat cycles, so about four to six weeks.

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    I have to agree with beth... :wink: .....I usually keep a buck in with the does... for at minimum of... 3 cycles....as sometimes.. does come into heat..all at once... and the buck can't hit them all ....at the right moment..for conception...so that's why... I do it that way.....some does... also stay into a their heat cycle... just a little longer... before going out... than others.....don't give up on her just yet......Good luck.. :wink: :hug: