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    So, what are your goat(s) history(s)? Just thought this would be a fun "get to know your herd" thing. You can also list goats that you have sold or that have gone to the bridge. (The ones in Blue are the ones I still have.)
    Juan (2007) Grey Agouti Pygmy buck: My very first,got him for free from my dad's coworker in OK. They had him tied to a cinder block in a small pen with his brother. He was feral when we got him, but I was able to leash train him in about a month. Gave him away after he got aggressive and we had to move.
    Belle and Josie (2008) Pygmy does: Got them for $75 from a lady who bred them and mini donkeys. Belle escaped out of the car the minute we got home and Josie followed the next day.
    Luvie (2008) Black and White belted Spanish X Nubian. Sister to Dovie. Got both of them from a lady that owned a Resort. Luvie had Snickers in December of '08 and ended up having to be euthanized after she was badly torn up by an escaped dog in March of '09.
    Dovie:(2008) Brown and White belted Spanish X Nubian. Sister to Luvie. Had a little choc colored buck named Archie in Nov '08. Ended up selling both of them to a lady with Lupus. Dovie became aggressive to the other does and her son was too feral.
    Snickers: (2008) Tri colored Nigi cross doe. Daughter of Luvie. The first thing she did after she was born, was to try and nurse off my pants leg.
    Sunny: (2009) Golden Pygmy buck. Got him from a feedstore. He made lots of lovely light colored kids before I got tired of his attitude and sold him.
    Belle (2):(2009) Light tan and white nigi cross doe. Got her from the Resort. She was the dumbest goat on earth. I let her have one kid before I sold her and Sunny to a retired Air Force colonel.
    Mishka: (2009). Grey and White belted Nubian X Boer. Older doe I got from the Resort. Bought her with a doe kid named Angel, Angel died two months later from either polio or listeriosis.
    Brier: (2009) Chamoise nigi cross doe. Got her from the Resort. She had Bunny last December, but was killed by a Cougar in February.
    Bunny: (2009) Cream Chamoise doe. Brier's daughter.
    Wyatt:(2009) Choc tri colored Boer cross buck. Got him the same time I got Brier. He lived barely a year before he contracted a Deer Worm and had to be euthed.
    Loki:(2010) Red and Black Boer X Kiko. Got him from the resort.
    Josey and Ginger: (2010) Regular colored Boer does. Got them as a package with Loki, sold them three months later to a lady who also bought Mishka's twins.
    Coco Puff (2010) Coc Nigi doe. Got her from the feed store. She died three months later from polio or listeriosis.
    Oreo and Rollo (2010): Snickers kids she had with Sunny back in February.
    Brigitte (2010): Tri colored MSFG. Got her from a lady that kept her in a pen with four other goats had feed them cat food. She had Ari (Artemis) and Athena last Monday.
    Ari: (2010) Mousy grey and white doe. Brigitte's daughter, I'm keeping her.
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    This is cute, and will be super simple for me :) as I have only had four goats my entire life lol

    Goat #1 - 2007 Molly, Boar grade doe, bought her as a companion for an orphan colt we had, they loved each other and when we sold the colt they wanted Molly to stay with him since they where inseperable. So she went with the colt.

    Goat #2 - 2010 Laya, Pure bred Lamancha doe, had her for about a week, bought her with Padme but she was sick, so we had to take her back to the breeder, but that was how we wound up with Posha and Panda :) who I love dearly.

    Goat #3 - 2010 Padme, Purebred Lamancha doe, got her still have her and love her.

    Goat #4 - 2010 Posha, Lamancha/Nubian Doe, but mostly Lamancha. Got her in exchange for Laya who was sick. Love her now very much.

    Goat #5 - 2010 Panda, Lamancha/Nubian Doe, mostly Lamancha. Got her also in exchange for Laya, and she is the crazy little goat that I call my problem child, but love her dearly.

    And thats all of my goat history lol.