Goats and Mini Donkey

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by HollowbeadRanch, May 7, 2009.

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Well I put Ragedy Ann on a lead rope and took her to the goat pasture today. She actually did REALLY well with them! She is scared to death of them and curious about them, but she DIDN'T try to stomp them into the ground :leap: (we had a mini donkey foal back when my Aunt had a couple of goats, and tried introducing the donkey to the goats as a protection animal... and needless to say she thought they were dogs... good thing we had her on a leadrope!) So anyways, it looks like Ragedy Ann is going to do GREAT as a Guardian for the goats! I am going to try her a couple more times on the leadrope with them this week, and then I am gonna let her in the pasture free and clear for a while and watch her. I am so excited that this is looking like it is going to work :leap: I forgot my camera... so I couldn't get any new pics of her but I will try to get some this week :thumbup:

    Oh... and the funniest thing happened after that... I had went back to the goat pasture to feed them and one of them was missing. I whistled and whistled and she didn't come. I had just called my Mother over to the fence with me (since right now the goats are in a pasture at my parents house) when I looked up and screamed "OMG she is in the TREE!!" She was on this HUGE tree branch that is over 10 feet high off the ground! It goes all the way down to the base of the tree! She was up at the very top of it eating leaves! I FREAKED! :GAAH: Of course, she heard me then and came running down the branch and jumped off! I swear that she was trying to give me a heart attack :GAAH: So then once she is safely on the ground my Mom starts laughing and says "Oh yeah, I saw her up there the other day." :doh: A little warning would have been nice! You just don't expect to look up and see your goat in a TREE! Luckly once we get them over here there won't be as many like that where they came walk up them! I swear she shaved a few years off my life :doh:
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    That's great!!!
    Just be careful about letting that goat in the tree. My dad's buddy is looking for a goat because one of his hung itself in a tree. I know a lot of goats are fine in trees and climbing but freak stuff happens. :thumb:
    Congrats on your soon-to-be herd protector!

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    That is such good news............ :leap:

    The tree thing... would of freaked me out to....that is beyond..... :shocked: scary.....
    and yea.... a warning would of lessened the shock.... :shocked: :wink:
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    Oh my gosh - LITTLE warning on a person laughing hysterically at work while reading your post please (people tend to look at you funny) LOL :ROFL: :ROFL:
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    Yeah.. you would have REALLY laughed if you could have seen my face! :doh: My Mother got a REAL kick of that for QUITE some time! :doh: :ROFL:
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    That is tooooo funny! I would love to have a mini donkey for my goats, the coyotes are sooooo bad here!