Goats are addicting...

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  1. NDinKY

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    Aug 3, 2019
    I keep telling myself I don’t need to buy any more goats since I’ve got 7 hopefully pregnant does due in the next few months, and I know I’ll want to keep some doelings. Also have 4 doelings that need to grow up a bit more. We’re at a good number of goats and do not need to add at this time. But I can’t help looking at breeders’ websites, browsing Craigslist, and Facebook goat groups. The logical part of me knows I need to really evaluate what I have and how they fit (or don’t) with our goals. The other part of me is like ohhh, pretty goat. Nice bloodlines, good udder. I should buy her.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Jul 20, 2008
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    Goat Math. But, seriously, don't get more goats than you can enjoy. If you have them for fun, not as a licensed dairy, or selling meat, when it becomes more of a chore and your family resents all the time you have to spend (plus the $$ for feed,etc) caring for them, then you have too many. It's really easy to get too many goats.
    (Says the person that started with 1 many years ago and has 185 or so)!
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    Sep 21, 2018
    @Goats Rock is so right! Goat Math is a horrible disease...We started with 2 then 5 now 15 with 6 does due to kid in the next 2 months. It's getting to be work, but we haven't lost the element of fun... but we're close. I'm going to be down sizing after we kid to get back to a more managable number again. Now, that said... after we down size I'll probably be looking to improve the herd so It'll start all over again...
    Goats, you can't live with them or without them ;)
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  5. Mike at Capra Vista

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    Nov 30, 2017
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    The absolute perfect and maximum number of goats for me is three.
    With the four kids born over Christmas, my total now is 11. Did I mention that the correct number of goats for me is three?
  6. NDinKY

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    Aug 3, 2019
    I definitely don’t want to overextend ourselves. Our set up right now is manageable, and I do plan on keeping a couple of doe kids. This summer I think will be a time to make cuts, I just have to make sure I actually make them. I just need to stop looking around, lol.
  7. Moers kiko boars

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    Apr 22, 2018
    Yes...goats???? Addiction??? Math?? Start with 4...1 buck 3 girls....nooo need another buck 3 more girls. Have 10 babies...mix up the breeding now 18... Add 2 Lgds..for protection. Now add 12 more babies...30? With another due in a few days? Lets see....if I sell all the new bucks ....how many does can I get? Now..look at dapples, paints, new kids????Addiction????? What a way to go!:goodjob:(rofl):shrug:(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)
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    Oh how I know how that goes lol. We normally have 8 goats through the winter, and breed 6 to kid between Dec-Mar. So we're at 10 does - 6 bred to kid next week, and 2 for May, then add 2 bucks on top of that. We just sold a yearling last weekend to make a little room.
    2 of the does we bought in August, and almost bought a young % Boer doe in Oct. I would love to add a really nice quality show doe to our herd, but now I'm not sure where we'd put one lol without downsizing...
  9. KST Goat Farm

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    Jul 28, 2019
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    Tell me about goats being addicting. I started with 2 now my sister and I have 36. 5 are due in March and 7 are due in May and June.