Goat's Ear Bleeding

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    Our goat was trying to play with our dog earlier and our dog out of no where attacked our goat, bit him right on the ear. The goats ear was bleeding pretty bad, we applied cornstarch to help with clotting, is there anything else that should be done?

    He's sitting in the back of the goat house all by himself, is this normal behavior? We've never had this happen so I'm no sure what to look out for or expect.

    Thanks for anyone who can help out.
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    You need to clean it VERY well and disinfect it. Antibiotic cream as well. Dog bites are dirty dirty things and can lead to infections quickly. It needs be done daily.

    The goat is most likely scared or in shock (if it was bad enough). Make sure it is drinking plenty. Keep the dog away from the goat from now on! He may bite or attack the goat again.

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    if woulds are deep he will need tetanus antitoxin shot as well. As stated, clean the wounds well with weak iodine solution. dilute to look like a weak tea. Don't wrap the wound, allow air drying
    a shot of B complex to support his system wont hurt either. Make sure he's in a place he feels safe. Watch for shivers, shock can make his shiver, he may need a blanket if so.
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    All good advice, cannot add more.