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Goats feet are not the same?

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Hey so ive noticed that none of my goats feet are even. Some are bigger than others... Like in the hight and width. Is this normal or is my goat defective?

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Genetics plays a roll and how the feet were trimmed also plays a roll.
Should I be worried? He has a sprained ankle (back right) and its been swollen for a few weeks now, not getting better or worse and that seems to be the smallest of feet. But either way the other three are all unporpotionate to one another...
I would be taking him to the vet if this has been going on for 3 weeks with nothing better. Infection could have set into the joint.
Great... okaay thanks for telling me! Last time I posted about the swelling people said a sprain takes a long time to heal. So ive been taking his temp and watching his behaviour and all seemed good.
Not sure what people meant by a long time but 3 weeks with no improvement definitely calls for a vet visit.

Good luck with him.
Took him to the vet he got two shots of antibiotics and one to give him in 4 days. Heres hopping he gets better!!
Glad you got him to the vet. I hope he gets better soon.
Hope he will improve.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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