Goats for sale in MA (posting for a friend)

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    Oct 5, 2007
    5 Acre Farm Taste of Honey.
    "Honey" was a bottle baby. She is a friendly doe, who is currently a second freshner. She won a Jr grand champion at new boston NH in 2007. She needs tighter side attachments but otherwise is almost perfect in conformation. she would make a good milker and and has produced some beautiful daughters. Would be a great milker and show goat. She is a dark chamoisee, and UTD on all shots, a very easy kidder. $350

    5 Acre Farm BJ's MaxiMaa.
    yet anouther bottle baby, she is a freindly and very nice doe. she is dairy, long, and level. She definitly has great possibilites. She is still a Jr. doe, definatly a very nice doe. Would make a great show goat, and milker.UTD on all shots, $300

    5 Acre Farm Sweet Pea.
    Anouther very nice doe. She is the half sister to my doe Emily. Sweet pea milked 500 days as a first freshner, and was dried off at owners convenience. She is very sweet, correct, and dairy. She would make a great show goat or milker. She is an easy kidder. UTD on all shots, $350

    5 Acre Farm Legally Tender.

    This is a very beautiful doe. she will most likely remain small as her mother was on the small size. Her mother has a beautiful udder with great compasity for her size and only having twins. She was a bottle baby born in Feb this year. would make a great pet, backyard milker and a brood doe. UTD on all shots, $300

    5 Acre Farm Facsimile
    A white doe with coffee stains over her. she is a very ccorrect, dairy, and beautiful doe. she has outstanding gentics. UTD on all shots, $325

    All are beautiful animals.

    For more Info, and photos, Go to www.freewebs.com/5acrefarm or email Cindy at [email protected]