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Hey all we have several goats for sale in Woodinville WA. We bought a small herd last year and have been super pleased with the quality of the milk and the temperament of the goats (except for one and I'll explain! :p ) However as we've learned more about goats and decided to try and become a licenced dairy we are transitioning our herd to larger breeds, specifical alpines. So to make room for more of the larger producing goats that make more sense for us we are selling our smaller breed goats to make room in our herd.

All of the goats for sale are unregistered Nigerian Dwarf or Nigerian angora cross, they have all had recent shots and copper boluses and all but one of them has successfully kidded at least once if not twice. About the copper bolus, all of these goats came to us significantly copper deficient and underweight they have all had 3 rounds of copper in the year we've had them (the first week we got them and every 6 months since then) and they have significantly improved, but several of them still are a little fishtailed and I've debated bolusing them every 4 months.

We're asking $150 for each of them, depending on the distance I could transport and deliver them but I'd charge based on drive time. We have a handful of wethers that I'd be willing to sell as well although, to be honest, I hadn't really considered a price for the boys. Contact me and we can discuss it.

You can reach me by phone at 425-894-3697, or email [email protected] I warn you I don't check my email very often so honestly a text message is the best way if I don't hear the phone.

So in no particular order here they are :

Brulee, nigerian, 3yrs:
She's honestly the only one that I'm not a fan of, and it's because she was spoiled. If she was kept in a barn or smaller area and provided feed she'd be a super sweet goat. Because I make all of my goats hustle for their food she gets noisy and cries to go to the barn as soon as she's decided it's dinner time. So I think she'd make a fine goat for someone else, she gives decent milk, she has a pretty white coat as did her buckling, she's just not fit for how we manage our herd.

Snickerdoodle, nygora cross 3yrs :
You can't tell right now because she was just sheared but she is half angora and gave us some beautiful fibre. She gives very nice milk but does need a crossword puzzle on the milk stand. One of our quietest goats and hustles well for her food. She'd like to be queen goat but has given deference to our larger alpines.

Latte, full nigerian, 3yrs :
My wife's 2nd favourite, super mellow tempered and easy to deal with Latte has two kids, a buckling and a doe that are still nursing but she milks well in the mornings.

Here is a picture of her buckling :

Breve, Nygora, 2yrs:
Easily the friendliest goat in our herd, I'm pretty sure this one thinks she's a lap dog, and because she's got super nice fibre we love petting her as much as she loves being pet.


Gingersnap, full nigerian, 2yrs
My wife's favourite, the most laid back goat ever, super easy to milk, very quiet and calm.


Tiramisu, nygora, 2yrs
This one is the only one of the does that hasn't been bred, she was less than a full-year-old when we got her, she should be breedable this fall, she's kind of at the bottom of the herd pecking order because she's meek. She'd do great in a small herd and has taken super well to husting for her own forage. I wouldn't want her to go to a herd with any overly aggressive does. She has very soft fibre although its a little shorter than the other nygora crosses.



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