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Goats on Ice...

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With nothing to graze on and distract them, my boys readily will follow me around the yard, tromping through the snow.

I suspect they have a bit of cabin fever, too, because when they're out to play, they want to RUN lately.

I ran them a few hundred feet towards the house, and out onto the frozen pond in the back yard.

We did a few back and forth runs on the ice, and I noticed that they'd slipped on it. They wandered off to the backyard to nibble on the pine trees, then decided to come find me again.

This time, they ran all the way around the pond, and wouldn't leave the bank to come to me. I'll have to see if they're still leary of the ice tomorrow.

They appear to have bonded more this winter than they did in the fall- the lack of distractions walking in the winter seems to have helped.

Or maybe they're just cold and want to hang out with someone stylishly dressed?

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My boys really love to get out and run and jump too. I think it's just the joy of being a big strong goat, and life is so good. And there aren't any bugs to bug them, like in summer.
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